Did you know your company is only as successful as the mental output of its employees? If you, the CEO or HR lead, don’t ensure their happiness, your company is doomed!

But we also know that when employees are struggling with financial stress or distracted by personal concerns, their performance suffers. Now isn’t it obvious that every CEO should prioritize employee happiness?

The typical Nigerian employee is bogged down with power issues, getting a better generator, and hustling for faster and more reliable internet.

Does it have to be this way?

In the days of yore, our parents got staff loans and cash advances to buy cars, house goods, etc. No wonder they were loyal, productive, and stuck with one employer for decades; giving their very best with dedication. 

If companies want the best of their staff today, what stops them from giving cash advances so their employees can be focused and productive without getting distracted with arranging emergency loans during work hours? Probably nothing.

As a CEO, if you’re looking to retain top talents or simply want to promote a happier, more productive workforce, helping your team with short-term loans or cash advances is a smart move.

Let us show you how.

With Lendsqr, your HR can focus on creating the right staff loan structure while we provide you with the FREE tech to handle it all. Sign up for Lendsqr today and start empowering your employees to succeed!

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