Africa focused startup, SkyCliQ has launched its waitlist, intending to shake up the cross-border online shopping market with its community based shopping & delivery marketplace. SkyCliQ is disrupting the small parcel delivery segment of the market by enabling the community to participate in the playbook, making the platform yet another example of the coming together of tech and community to revolutionise the status quo.

Sending and receiving parcels in Africa from the USA or Europe remains one of the most expensive routes in the world and this presents a clear opportunity for a cost effective alternative that also provides market access in today’s global marketplace. The SkyCliQ marketplace will harness the power of the community in an “uber-like” fashion to fulfil the shopping and delivery needs of the rapidly growing markets of the initial destination cities of Accra, Kigali, and Lagos. As Amanda Evans, responsible for Community Engagement puts it, “It should not be frustrating, if as a parent you need a book or an educational device for your child and it cannot be found locally, nor should it be prohibitively expensive to procure a specific health aid to improve your wellbeing. And if an accessory will make a difference to your wellbeing then you should be able to reach it”.

With SkyCliQ, delivery prices will be up to 70% cheaper than conventional courier prices, and notably users who order through the platform will only make payment when their orders are delivered to their destination cities.

As a sharing economy model, SkyCliQ is not just about empowering people to unlock and recognize the value of their resources, but it’s also about enabling people to contribute to the wellbeing of society, thereby positively impacting the lives of others. As Amanda notes, “the joy and intense feelings of gratitude, when as an example a needed health aid that couldn’t be found locally to provide needed comfort is received, is priceless. Similarly, receiving a small but needed part that will make a machine work reliably again for a community, creates immeasurable levels of satisfaction. Often it is such small items in the small parcel segment that make a real difference to the lives of people. ”

Listing items on the platform is free of charge and you can reach into an ever growing list of shops and stores.

Payments on the marketplace are powered by Stripe and SkyCliQ works with customs agents at each of its destination cities to ensure compliance and disclosure.

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