If you’re a tech enthusiast and love updating your gadgets portfolio, then the oraimo brand must have played a crucial role your smart-life journey. With its wide range of product offerings, oraimo Nigeria has quickly become a trusted name & the leading smart-tech device manufacturer in Africa.

Without a doubt, the company has been consistent in designing & developing innovative products that make life easier for their customers whilst satisfying different types of consumers; either casual or advanced, consumers all over the world now have access to great value from their smart gadget purchases without having to break the bank.

The FreePods series has enjoyed a massive reception in the Nigerian smart accessories market, the FreePods 2 introduced in 2020, won the hearts of Afrobeat fans in Africa while

the FreePods 3 stood out with ENC feature which made users addicted to the earbuds series. The FreePods Pro gave a more intense listening and longer battery life which got tech fans buzzing with excitement.

Owing to the success of the FreePods series, every year; many smart accessories lovers always look forward to the next generation of this unique oraimo earbud series from the stables of oraimo Nigeria; the NO.1 TWS brand in Africa. One of the reasons for the brands success; is an innovative spirit and a listening ear, they recently concluded a survey which help them understand their consumers’ needs before producing quality products to exceed customer’s expectations.

The recent launch of the new oraimo FreePods 4 earbuds further reinforces the brands commitment to providing affordable yet leading technology and quality devices to its consumers across the continent. The FreePods 4 are equipped with the latest ANC technology which can reduce up to 30dB of noise. This allows for quiet moments in coffee house and at work. It has an advanced 4-mic Proprietary Beamforming array and AI Deep Neural Network algorithm that can accurately detect and reduce noise in calls. For those who live or commute in very busy cities such as Lagos, Port-harcourt and Warri, you can now enjoy crystal clear calls and a peaceful listening experience; anywhere and anytime of the day.

The Transparency mode give users the flexibility to stay aware of what is going on around them, or carry out a short conversation without removing the earbuds.

The new device is embellished with HavyBass™ an oraimo proprietary sound tuning technology for bass boost which gives a nostalgic feeling especially while listening to Afrobeat sounds.

The most remarkable addition to the new oraimo FreePods is the oraimo Sound app, which has a sleek UI controls & customized EQ of 5 different types (modes, jazz, rock, vocal, HavyBass and standard). The customization function further proves the oraimo brand is a premium one as it allows users the flexibility to choose their tuning according to their personal preference.

Now you can slide into your world, no matter silence or music!

The sleek oraimo earbuds come with an impressive battery life, with up to 36 hours of music listening. Its fast charging technology remains a record-to-beat, 100mins music- listening with just 5mins’ charging. You can quickly get your device back up and running in no time at all. If music motivates you to work out, then it’s safe to say your new summer body is loading….

It gets even juicier with the low-latency game mode. Mobile gamers can get the best of the action and say goodbye to buffering while playing the latest Call of Duty or PUBG episodes.

Google Fast Pairing makes connecting your devices with FreePods 4 a breeze. All you have to do is remove earbuds its case & turn on your device’s Bluetooth and you’ll be connected in seconds. The Automatic Pop-up Window feature instantly displays useful information in real-time and allows for quick configuration on the go!

The new device is a perfect fit to young people’s lifestyle as it adds to their fashion statement. The earbuds comes with a trendy slide to open charging case which makes it convenient to open with one hand.

The One-hand-open device is IPX5 splash proof and also has sweat protection that enables the FreePods 4 to handle any situation you throw at it. Whether its intense workouts or running in the rain, the gadget will remain protected from moisture damage thanks to this feature.

Lastly, the Antibacterial eartips keep your ears clean by reducing bacterial growth thereby ensuring your health is in check.

FreePods 4 is the perfect choice for anyone who needs quality sound without compromising on comfort or convenience. You can get the new FreePods 4 from the company’s official website: ng.oraimo.com

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