Fintech platforms especially OPay became the “love” of most Nigerians during this period as they have proved to be the only reliable payment platforms that businesses and artisans can trust.

Nigerians from different states have recounted their experience of unsuccessful cashless transactions due to failed mobile networks amid the biting scarcity of Naira notes.

For someone like Mrs. Yetunde, who runs a bukka in the outskirts of Lagos, OPay has been her lifeline during this period. She previously had the challenge of confirming payments on time. Opay has been her one trusted platform this period. According to Mrs. Bunmi, it was one of the easiest and quickest accounts she has ever opened.

“It was a customer who was agitated that he could not make payments, he advised that we should open an Opay account. He called someone who came to explain and introduce how it works, and since then, that’s what we have been using,” she said.

“Ever since I opened the account, it has been working for me and almost everyone in my community now uses OPay daily”

Taking Opay as an example, during this period, the amount of transactions has dramatically increased, notably for OPay to OPay transfers, which are simpler to handle and seems to have a 100% transaction success rate.

The company recently announced reaching a milestone of 30 million registered app users, 500,000 agents, and 100,000 merchants who use the platform daily to make transactions.

It is no doubt that OPay has successfully infiltrated the core of the Nigerian market with a super app that offers consumers a single service to manage all of their payments in a simple, rapid, and secure method.

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