• Appoints Visionary CEO, Linda Obi
Linda Obi, CEO, Afrihealth

Afrihealth, a leading health technology solutions provider, has unveiled its cutting-edge serialisation technology, Rigour+ for Manufacturers. The product aims to revolutionise the drug manufacturing and distribution industry in Nigeria and beyond. The company has also announced the appointment of Linda Obi as its new CEO. Linda brings over 18 years of experience in technology and blockchain to drive this mandate.

Rigour+ for Manufacturers is Afrihealth’s new serialisation technology, designed to address the pressing problem of drug counterfeiting, which costs the global pharmaceutical industry an estimated $200 billion annually. In Nigeria, manufacturers and importers face significant pain points due to the lack of reliable track and trace capabilities, which lead to production losses of up to 40% and significant revenue losses.

By implementing track and trace capabilities and proper serialisation, Rigour+ for Manufacturers aims to help manufacturers and importers comply with regulatory requirements and improve the safety and quality of pharmaceutical products. The technology includes geofencing solutions and location recall, which enable manufacturers to track products at every stage of the supply chain and recall products quickly and efficiently in the event of a problem.

“We are proud to introduce Rigour+ for Manufacturers to the Nigerian market and beyond, a powerful serialisation technology that saves manufacturers and importers time and money, optimizes their production, and enables them to deliver high-quality products to patients in need,” said Linda Obi, Afrihealth’s new CEO.

According to industry experts, the adoption of serialization technology could save the Nigerian pharmaceutical industry over $100 million annually and help reduce the incidence of counterfeit drugs. Rigour+ for manufacturers is fully aligned with regulatory bodies like GS1 Nigeria and NAFDAC, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of safety and quality.

“Afrihealth’s Rigour+ is a local, in-country solution with a global impact,” said Linda Obi. “We are committed to providing the best technology solutions to our customers and making a positive impact on public health in Nigeria and beyond.”

Afrihealth’s team comprises a talented and diverse group of professionals with deep expertise in technology, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. The company has a strong culture of innovation, collaboration, and social responsibility, with a mission to improve access to quality healthcare and ensure patient safety through technology-enabled solutions.

Linda Obi, Afrihealth’s new CEO, is a seasoned technology executive with a proven track record of scaling several startups in e-commerce, agriculture, and blockchain technology. She currently sits on several boards and brings a wealth of experience to AfriHealth, which is poised for global expansion under her leadership.

About Afrihealth:

Afrihealth is a leading technology solutions provider based in Nigeria, offering a range of innovative solutions that address the most pressing challenges in healthcare. Afrihealth’s mission is to improve access to quality healthcare and ensure patient safety through technology-enabled solutions.

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