Are you ready for the future of innovation in Africa? 

Periculum is an African-focused AI technology company committed to empowering businesses, and government agencies in Africa to drive economic growth and social impact with cutting-edge AI solutions. By developing innovative AI solutions, Periculum aims to unlock creativity and drive economic growth in Africa. One of the key areas of focus is Generative AI, which involves the use of foundation models to create new results, such as text, images, code,  music, and videos that are tailored to the user’s requirements.

Periculum has implemented Generative AI through various products, such as its state-of-the-art chatbot, which has been built on ChatGPT, the world’s number one conversational AI engine based on GPT-4. The chatbot provides accurate and helpful responses in real time and can handle a wide range of queries, from simple FAQs to complex questions requiring nuanced answers. 

Periculum’s chatbot product, named Prolific,  is designed to enable users to customize large language models to build intelligent conversational AI i.e customized to the organization’s and personal use case. The solution is provided both as an interface and an API service, which can be easily integrated seamlessly with various channels.

Periculum’s neural machine translation (NMT) product, which is a powerful tool for overcoming language barriers, enables businesses and organizations to communicate more effectively with customers, partners, and employees in different languages.

Periculum’s NLP data and document understanding tool, which extracts meaningful information from unstructured text data, such as PDF documents, emails, social media posts, and customer feedback, is capable of generating insights in real-time, which are delivered through a dashboard that abstracts the model’s complexity and conveys useful information interactively.

The versatility of Periculum’s generative AI solutions is demonstrated through various use cases, which include streamlining customer onboarding processes, facilitating compliance with regulations, improving financial analysis and reporting, enhancing contract management, and improving insurance claims processing and knowledge assessment among others. By automating processes, improving data accuracy, and reducing processing time, organizations can benefit from a better customer experience and reduced costs.

Periculum’s CEO, Michael Collins, believes in the transformative power of Generative AI to not only drive innovation and economic growth in Africa but to also promote African culture and identity on a global scale. Speaking about Generative AI, Michael said: “There’s never been a time in Africa where anyone anywhere can unlock their creativity in profound ways through human-computer interaction as there is now.” But for this to be fully realized at scale in Africa, Michael added, “We’ve got to build deliberately for the African market and that’s why we developed generative AI solutions that are tailored to the African setting, to put Africa on the map of AI innovation globally.”

Periculum’s  Data Science Lead, Zion Pibowei, believes that Generative AI is the next frontier in AI, capable of creating new sources of efficiency and productivity for Africa at large. Speaking about implementing Generative AI in a safe and responsible way, Zion said, “We ensure that these algorithms are implemented and deployed responsibly, with a keen eye on ethical considerations such as bias and privacy. Ultimately, the responsible use of Generative AI can help drive innovation and growth while also ensuring that we uphold our values as a society.”

In conclusion, Periculum’s AI solutions can accelerate the adoption of Generative AI in a scalable, flexible, and easy-to-integrate way, driving innovation, improving customer experiences, and increasing efficiency in a wide range of industries and applications. With its focus on empowering businesses, startups, government agencies, and the general populace in Africa, Periculum is helping to unlock the potential of this continent, driving economic growth and social impact.

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