The crypto market is awash with excitement once more as investors look at the latest exciting crypto projects to get involved in. With speculation of a possible bull market looming, many believe this could be the alt season as people look for exciting altcoins to invest in. Apecoin (APE) and Floki Inu (FLOKI) will be among those that capture the attention of crypto enthusiasts but, as it approaches the end of its presale, could Big Eyes Coin (BIG) be the all-conquering meme coin that becomes the object of everyone’s fascination and interest?

Big Eyes Coin Is The Meme Coin Seizing Attention

Meme coins have been a lighthearted introduction to cryptocurrencies through their ability to connect with the contemporary internet culture. Big Eyes Coin has executed this superbly well. Firstly, it’s a coin based on the theme of a cat meme and if there’s anything that embodies our internet culture, it’s people scrolling through endless cat videos. Its handling of the online meme culture has extended to being able to peerlessly manipulate its social media platforms better than most other tokens. It has, put simply, enchanted its followers through friendly competitions.

Why has this been helpful? Community and sustainability are the core themes of Big Eyes Coin and social media has helped both embody and promote these ideals. A larger follower base helps to solidify the platform ahead of its launch and gives it a crucial edge over its relatively blunted competitors.

Big Eyes Coin has, through this, accrued well over $30m in its presales, marking it as one of the most successful presale cryptocurrencies. This is all the more impressive when one considers that recently, investor confidence in cryptocurrencies has been somewhat shaky, rocked by the crash of FTX and multiple crypto-focused banks. Yet, somehow, defying seemingly insurmountable odds, Big Eyes Coin is the cat that has managed to keep its claws in and continued climbing.

In addition, Big Eyes Coin also allocates a portion of its earnings to charities through its charity wallet. This is used to help charities that are committed to conserving the earth’s endangered green resources.

With its presale set to end in the opening week of June, Big Eyes Coin has established itself as arguably the hottest crypto project in 2023. It will relish what it can do during a potential bull market run.

Floki Inu Has One Of The Strongest Crypto Communities

Floki Inu is almost synonymous with the notion of a crypto community. At the helm of its meteoric rise are its Floki Vikings, an ardent community of supporters more than 440,000 strong. They form the backbone of what is passionate support to propel FLOKI to great heights. The community has gained notoriety for its impactful social media raids and viral memes.

Floki Inu has an ecosystem that consists of many cutting-edge offers, including its Valhalla Play 2 Earn metaverse, FlokiFi – its hub for DeFi projects, and Flokiplaces – an NFT and merchandise marketplace. These core elements of the ecosystem sit alongside the University of Floki – which is a detailed crypto education platform.

Could Apecoin Be One Of The Cryptocurrencies That Flourishes In A Bull Market Run?

Apecoin is a cryptocurrency that emerged to provide a seamless payment solution for businesses that were operating in the Asia-Pacific region. Its integration of NFTs is what distinguishes it from other cryptocurrencies. This allows for the creation of unique digital assets that are then eligible to be bought, sold, and traded.

A significant advantage of investing in Apecoin is its high ceiling for growth. As businesses in the Asia-Pacific region continue to expand and utilise new technologies, the demand for a fast and reliable payment solution will inevitably grow too. There remains a sense of novelty to Apecoin’s approach to digital payments, combined with its use of NFTs, that puts it in a great position to exploit the potential of the crypto market in Asia.

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