eBanqo is thrilled to announce the introduction of its new app that will change the game of customer-business engagement. Powered by ChatGPT, eBanqo Chat offers a revolutionary solution for businesses and customers to interact in an easy, efficient, and accessible way.

Think of eBanqo Chat as your personal superhero sidekick for all your business adventures. It helps you reach your favorite businesses instantly, get instant answers to frequently asked questions, and report issues in real-time. And the best part? You can chat with multiple businesses at the same time and even mark your favorites!

With ChatGPT, eBanqo Chat can deliver accurate and optimized experiences to its users. The Live Chat, Chatbot, and FAQs functionality, allows businesses to provide instant solutions to their customers, track their progress, and reduce wait times. And for businesses with verified status, eBanqo Chat helps such businesses implement advanced automations and chat features.

While eBanqo Chat version 1.0 is not without its flaws, eBanqo is embracing this imperfect narrative and inviting users to collaborate in the co-creation process to make eBanqo Chat exceptional.

“We want to democratize AI and give every business their own ChatGPT,” says Charles Ifedi, the CEO of eBanqo. “We believe this is the future, and we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this innovation.”

Users can download the eBanqo Chat app on IOS and Android or visit ebanqochat.com to start chatting with businesses. And don’t forget to send a note with hello@ebanqo.com to the eBanqo Chat team if there’s anything they can do better or any business they should add.

So why wait? Join the eBanqo Chat revolution and unleash the power of ChatGPT for your business today!

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