Bitcoin has been one of the most talked-about topics recently because of its volatile nature. It has seen its fair share of ups and downs, making predicting its future difficult. In comparison, one project currently in Stage 2 of its presale has shown continuous price increases – Tradecurve (TCRV). 

In this article, we will explore whether ChatGPT, a popular AI chatbot, thinks Bitcoin will reach 35k or not while also looking at what makes Tradecurve so attractive to investors. 

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Bitcoin (BTC) unable to maintain momentum 

Bitcoin is a decentralized and anonymous cryptocurrency that allows for quick and straightforward transactions without banks or intermediaries. Since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has been on the crypto market throne since it is the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. 

Currently, Bitcoin is trading hands at $26,796.71 with a market cap of $519B, which is a decrease of 0.38% in the past day alone. In the last month, Bitcoin has been struggling with a fall of 1.5% in its value during that period. ChatGPT cannot predict the future, but it has noted that Bitcoin is a volatile investment that may cause some concerns. 

Experts agree that if Bitcoin cannot climb beyond the $27,250 level, a further price decrease is in store. And if it does climb above it, Bitcoin may find a resistance level of $30,000. With these Bitcoin price predictions stating that a $35,000 valuation is not obtainable anytime soon, investors are looking at other projects to diversify their portfolios. 

Tradecurve (TCRV) presale continues capturing all attention 

By creating a unique Ethereum-based hybrid trading exchange that does not require sign-up KYC checks, Tradecurve will become a significant power in the online trading market. 

Individuals, no matter their location, will soon be able to trade stocks, commodities, forex, and cryptocurrency just by creating an account using their email, connecting a crypto wallet, and depositing on Tradecurve. This will be a significant turning point as traditional trading platforms such as Binance and eToro require KYC checks, effectively disabling privacy and anonymity for traders. 

Tradecurve will also have a social trading feature, allowing users to copy what experienced traders are doing for a small subscription fee. Beginner traders may also find the metaverse trading academy very appealing as they can communicate with trading professionals. 

Building on the Ethereum blockchain will also have its perks, as individuals will control their keys and assets and enjoy lower trading fees thanks to decentralization. Tradecurve will employ its utility token, TCRV, as the backbone of this platform and features – providing holders with benefits such as subscription fee discounts, passive income via staking, and exclusive account rewards. 

Individuals have found these benefits very appealing as millions of TCRV tokens have been sold already, and given its current presale price of just $0.012, now is a great time to purchase it. 

This project is now in Stage 2 of its presale and has already seen a price increase of 20% from its starting price of $0.01. Experts forecast that more price hikes will come as they foresee a 50x increase by the time the presale finishes. Moreover, a 100x increase after its launch is not out of the question, as the TCRV token will get listed on a significant Tier-1 exchange such as Uniswap.

All signs are bullish for Tradecurve, and if we compare it to Huobi’s ICO, which began in 2018 with a price of $1.52 and reached an ATH of $39.81 , a price surge can be expected for the TCRV token soon, so sign up for its presale below and obtain a 25% deposit bonus on each purchase. 

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