The rapid advancement of technology has transformed the global business landscape, offering unprecedented opportunities for companies in the tech industry. Among the many facets of this dynamic sector, tech sales stand out as a crucial component driving growth and innovation. 

Riding on this growth and the attendant effect on the rising global demand for Tech Sales professionals by the global market, TeleSoftas Nigeria, through its talent platform called, Get Global By TeleSoftas,  is partnering with a Canadian Tech Sales Company, Kiso HQ, to re-skill, equip and match African Talent looking to pursue a career in Tech Sales with global companies.

In this article, we will delve into the potential of tech sales in the global market, highlighting key trends, challenges, and immense possibilities.

Telesoftas Team

High Demand for Tech Solutions: The global market is witnessing a constant demand for innovative technology solutions across industries. As businesses strive to stay competitive and leverage the power of technology, there is a growing need for skilled tech sales professionals who can effectively communicate the value of these solutions to potential customers. The high demand for tech solutions ensures a constant need for talented salespeople who can bridge the gap between technology and business needs.

Lucrative Earning Potential: Tech sales roles often come with attractive compensation packages, including a base salary, commissions, bonuses, and other incentives. As sales professionals successfully close deals and contribute to revenue growth, their earning potential can increase significantly. Additionally, tech sales jobs often offer career progression and advancement opportunities, leading to higher-level positions with even more significant earning potential.

Global Exposure and Market Reach: One of the notable advantages of a tech sales job in the global market is the opportunity for international exposure and market reach. With advancements in communication technology and the rise of remote work, sales professionals can engage with customers and clients from various countries and cultures. This global exposure allows them to develop a broader perspective, gain insights into different markets, and build diverse professional networks.

Continuous Learning and Skill Development: Tech sales is a dynamic field constantly evolving with emerging technologies, market trends, and customer demands. Working in this industry provides ample opportunities for continuous learning and skill development. To effectively communicate complex solutions, address customer needs, and close deals, sales professionals must stay updated with the latest tech advancements, industry knowledge, and sales techniques. The ability to adapt and learn quickly is highly valued in the tech sales profession.

Networking and Relationship Building: Tech sales jobs involve interacting with professionals from diverse backgrounds, including customers, industry experts, decision-makers, and fellow salespeople. Building strong relationships and networks within the global market can open doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and partnerships. Effective networking skills help sales professionals establish credibility, gain referrals, and expand their customer base.

Career Flexibility and Mobility: The tech industry offers career flexibility and mobility for sales professionals. With the increasing demand for tech solutions worldwide, there is a range of industries, sectors, and geographic locations to explore. Sales professionals can specialize in specific tech domains, such as software, hardware, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, or cybersecurity, or they can choose to work for various tech companies, including startups, established corporations, or consulting firms. This flexibility allows sales professionals to shape their career paths according to their interests and goals.

Tech sales jobs in the global market provide exciting prospects for professionals looking to thrive in a dynamic and fast-growing industry. With high demand for tech solutions, lucrative earning potential, international exposure, continuous learning opportunities, networking possibilities, and career flexibility, tech sales professionals can carve out successful and rewarding careers. 

To help African Talent access these opportunities, Get Global By TeleSoftas & Kiso HQ is launching a 3-month Career Acceleration program in Tech Sales designed to reskill and match African Talent to Tech Sales opportunities Worldwide. 

The first cohort commenced with a call for application in July leading up to a well-structured immersive learning program aligned with global best practices. The program will feature top-rated Mentors from Salesloft, Xello, Automation Hero, and Tall Poppy. 

Honing sales skills and staying adaptable to market changes are key to unlocking the global tech sales market’s numerous opportunities. This is the mandate that Get Global intends to help Talent achieve.

Get Global is a knowledge-based community and career accelerator designed to build a bridge between the African and Global tech ecosystems. We reskill African tech professionals and support them in securing global job opportunities.

Mimshach Obioha ( CEO TeleSoftas Nigeria)

You can speak to the Telesoftas team here and start your journey or contact Jane ; +2348029651969 

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