A niche marketing agency, BeachTV, based in Lagos, is returning to the scene with a bigger mandate. Transform the tech industry. Having spent the last four years working to subvert the economy of smaller businesses within three to six months, it now feels supercharged to cater to the tech industry.

At its core, targeted strategy is why BeachTV even started. And because the tech industry is notorious for being subtle with marketing and communications, BeachTV is entering centre stage with clever strategies specialised to upend the modest status quo.

“In the 4 years since we launched, we’ve successfully worked with about 3 tech brands,” stated Afolabi Adams, CEO, BeachTV. “They’ve always favoured subdued but highly cerebral ideas. But also been excited by quirky campaigns. And since our speciality is making the obscure brilliant and enticing, it’s only fitting to go large and subvert the tech industry’s MO of campaign execution.”

With the rebrand, the agency is looking to give the tech industry a boost of over 65% growth marketing in 3 – 6 months. How? By introducing its 2-tier strategy of “Shoot & Switch.” A creative strategy borne out of the lateral thinking of ostensibly introducing a brand, product or service in a predictable marketing fashion, all the while with a crucial subtext that becomes apparent subsequently.

Meaning. BeachTV intends to give tech brands a smarter purchase and outlook: from copies to designs to branding and creative direction. It’s time for the techies to be as creative, as refreshing, as exciting, and as unconventional as the best of the lot.    

BeachTV relaunch goes live in July. And with a crazy campaign already in the works for a new tech startup client, the industry is definitely in for a big treat.

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