Meta Description: Get the insights of crypto experts into the future price predictions of Stellar (XLM), Cosmos (ATOM), and Pomerdoge (POMD) as the cryptocurrency market trend changes.

Price Prediction – Stellar, Cosmos (ATOM), and Pomderdoge

Investors and traders alike are always on the lookout for valuable insights into the potential future price movements of popular cryptocurrencies. As the trend in the crypto market changes, find out what experts are saying about Stellar (XLM), Cosmos (ATOM), and Pomerdoge (POMD). Which of these three cryptos has the best price projection?

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Price Prediction for Stellar (XLM)

The blockchain platform designed for fast and low-cost cross-border transactions, Stellar (XLM), enjoyed a massive spike in July. The price of Stellar spiked by 91% following the partial victory of Ripple over the SEC. 

After a brief retrace and consolidation, crypto experts believe another rally could be in sight. The wave count of Stellar along with its recent price action indicates a potential breakout. Another market rally will see the price of Stellar set a new yearly high.

Now trading at $0.139, the price of Stellar has been projected to increase by 50% and set a new high at $0.209. Analysts of Techopedia have predicted that Stellar could trade as high as $0.24 before the end of 2023.

Price Prediction for Cosmos (ATOM)

The interoperable network, Cosmos (ATOM) did not benefit as much from the Ripple victory. Following its 14% price rise on July 13, the price of Cosmos has been in bearish territory. 

Over the last three weeks, the price of ATOM has dropped from $10.25 to now trade at $8.67. However, crypto experts remain bullish about Cosmos despite the SEC’s claims of it being an unregistered security. 

Now trading at $8.67, many crypto experts have projected an 80% price rally for Cosmos. If this plays out, the price of Cosmos could reach highs of $15.6 by the end of the year.

Price Prediction for Pomerdoge (POMD)

As a new project looking to transform the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming space, crypto experts are very bullish about Pomerdoge (POMD). The uniqueness of Pomerdoge stems from the combination of the best components of P2E with the allure of meme coins. 

But unlike meme coins fuelled only by hype, Pomerdoge is building one of the most expansive ecosystems in blockchain gaming. The immersive Pomergame stands as the center of attraction for the ecosystem. This new enthralling game will take players on thrilling adventures with their unique avatars, the Pomerdoges.

Also in the ecosystem is the Pomerplace – a unique non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. In Pomerplace, players can purchase custom items for their avatars from Pomerplace, Pomerdoge’s upcoming marketplace. According to crypto experts, this hype could propel Pomerdoge to emerge as one of the primary leaders in the P2E space this year.

The dynamic ecosystem of Pomerdoge has begun building hype. Combining utility with meme coins, crypto experts have called Pomerdoge the meme coin of the year. As a result, projections are very bullish for its utility token. Now trading at $0.007, the price of Pomerdoge has been projected to reach $0.035 by the time of launch. 

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