In the bustling streets of Nairobi, the heart of Kenya’s vibrant economy, Quick Cart Africa Inc. is making waves by transforming the way local retailers “mama mbogas”, operate and revolutionize Kenya’s grocery scene.

What started as a childhood memory for the founder Joel Mutua, EX-Amitruck has evolved into an innovative platform that is not only changing the grocery industry but also making a significant social impact.

Joel’s journey began as he accompanied his late mother on her daily rounds, delivering groceries to households across the city. Those humble beginnings not only helped them make ends meet but also fueled Joel’s passion for change. His experience laid the foundation for Quick Cart Africa’s mission: to uplift and empower the mama mbogas while revolutionizing Africa’s grocery ecosystem.

Collaborating with his co-founder, Rediet Kassahun, who brings with her a background in import and export from her home country, Ethiopia, and who gained firsthand experience of the challenges faced in accessing fresh and affordable products with convenience when she relocated from China to Kenya. Joining forces with them is Justus Mwangi, an Ex-Safaricom senior full-stack developer, who is the visionary behind the technological aspects of this endeavor. Unified by a common aspiration to create a substantial and lasting impact, they harnessed their diverse perspectives and expertise to construct a platform that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge AI and ML technologies, forming the foundation for their ambitious venture.

The founders understood that mama mbogas play a crucial role in serving their communities but often face hurdles such as inventory management, and post-harvest losses. Quick Cart Africa’s platform addresses these challenges by offering demand forecasting tools that optimize inventory and reduce wastage. This not only benefits the retailers but also ensures a more sustainable and efficient supply. According to report by Goobjoog News, post-harvest loss accounts to $4billion in Africa annually with the World Food Programme describing it as a leading cause of food insecurity globally. According to the WFP, 1.3 billion tons of “all food produced for human consumption” lost or wasted. There is a need to address this loss and wastage, especially in developing markets where most local retailers lack special storage to store their excess inventory. Quick Cart Africa’s initiative addresses these pressing concerns. lowering food loss by 38%.

This growth is a testament to the effectiveness of its platform and its ability to bridge the gap between mama mbogas and the evolving needs of modern consumers.

Quick Cart has remarkably achieved an increase in its client base that has significantly increased the social impact locally. Through collaboration with Quick Cart, mama mbogas, which previously served a mere 100 customers daily, has now remarkably scaled up to attending to 500+ customers.

Alvin Amandla, Quick Cart Africa’s first beta customer who started using the app in January 2023, stumbled upon Quick Cart’s flyer under his door one day. Intrigued, he decided to give it a try, after coming back from work. When we asked for feedback, Alvin’s excitement was evident: “I found the flyer, tried it, and within 10 minutes, my groceries arrived. ,” I have a busy schedule and I enjoy cooking so Quick Cart was an immediate solution to my problem” and now I pay in advance without hesitation. I love the app, and the customer service and riders are fantastic.” Alvin’s experience reflects the game-changing convenience Quick Cart offers, with many customers echoing similar sentiments.

Gitari Timira, co-founder at Fingo Africa and Quick cart Africa’s very first non-family investor. His belief in our vision is not just about numbers and profit margins; it’s about investing in the potential of our young, dynamic team. Gitari once shared, “I’m not just investing in a business; I’m investing in the people behind it. I see the fire in their eyes and the dedication in their hearts. That’s where the real magic happens.” Gitari’s support goes beyond financial backing; it’s a testament to the trust he places in our team’s passion and determination, making him not just an investor but a valued member of our journey towards success.

Quick Cart stands as a beacon of innovation and transformation in the realm of grocery delivery. We’ve breathed new life into local retailers, “mama mbogas”. Our very first customer’s heartfelt testimony underscores the profound impact we’ve had on daily lives, making shopping not just a chore but a delightful experience. And with the unwavering support of our first investor, who saw the fire in our team’s eyes and believed in our vision, we are deeply thankful and grateful. As we continue this journey, we remain committed to our mission of enhancing convenience, supporting local businesses, and creating lasting connections within our community.

Inclosing, Quick Cart didn’t just set out to revolutionize groceries; it’s on a mission to reshape the entire African continent. With an audacious vision, Quick Cart Africa is forging alliances with local retailers, igniting a dynamic spark that’s not only redefining shopping but is creating a ripple of social change. Beyond the aisles and digital carts, their endeavor aims higher: to democratize access to food. From Nairobi’s bustling streets to the farthest corners of Africa, Quick Cart is weaving a tapestry of affordability, accessibility, and empowerment. This is more than just commerce; it’s a movement that resonates with every basket-filled and every life touched.

Collaborating hand in hand with local retailers, it’s not just about groceries—it’s a dynamic force driving social change. The goal? To make food affordable and accessible across the continent. Beyond transactions, this is a narrative of empowerment, weaving a story of impact from corner shops to vast landscapes. Quick Cart isn’t merely shopping; it’s a transformative voyage echoing with every transaction, resonating far beyond the cart.

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