CinderBuild was launched with a vision to bring about a seamless buying experience in the real estate and construction space. 

Our business model on the supply side is hinged on solid partnerships with major manufacturers which gives us an enviable catalog of building materials at very competitive prices (We actually prefer the word unbeatable). We deliver this value on the demand side through our digital platform to two user segments; Resellers (C-stores)  and Corporate buyers 

Initially, we focused on catering to the needs of the reseller segment. However, as time went on, we recognized the opportunity to establish dedicated offline distribution channels known as C-stores, stemming from our existing reseller user base. These C-stores, consisting of resellers who make substantial weekly bulk purchases, have become an integral part of our business. To alleviate the capital procurement challenges associated with restocking, we have implemented an automated system that ensures these C-stores receive restocks at least twice a week. As a result, they have become invaluable distribution partners for us. Presently, our network boasts over 1500 C-stores and continues to grow. 

We have evolved as a business in line with data based feedback and insights gained from our interaction with key real estate and construction players, working with their procurement teams on their project. We developed Builder 360™, an all-in-one product suite to cater for this segment. 

The Builder 360™ suite is an interconnected web of value-added solutions and services, made available to customers based on platform loyalty. For every amount spent on the platform, eligibility increases and at certain spend thresholds, users unlock a new solution typically addressing critical pain areas. 

With Builder 360™, you get access to cutting-edge solutions that allow you outsmart inflation, store project materials virtually for future use. It doesn’t end there, you have access to inventory management tools, project financing, access to vetted artisans, visibility across board and much more. 

Users can unlock  the various solutions based on their rank within the community and they move up the rank as they hit transaction volume milestones.

Furthermore, the emergence of online marketplaces and procurement platforms like CinderBuild has made it easier for builders to source and purchase construction materials, equipment, and services. With CinderBuild’s Cloud Warehouse solution, for instance, builders can store materials virtually and receive on-demand piecewise site deliveries, reducing the need for physical storage space and eliminating the risk of theft or damage. 

We are proud to currently serve a robust client base of corporates across the Real estate and construction space.

As a trendsetting organization, with a steadfast focus on reshaping the building materials procurement industry landscapes, our journey with our corporate clients in the real estate and construction space has ignited an unprecedented wave of innovation leading to the birth of Nigeria’s first credit Mortgage Card. We are issuing salary-backed mortgage loans to Nigeria’s working class allowing them to make down payments and installmental payments on exclusive real estate properties listed by our esteemed corporates. By doing this, salary earners are now well equipped to confidently explore the real estate market and secure their dream homes with ease.

Upon the successful acquisition of a property by a salary earner, the funds are transferred to our secure escrow system. Simultaneously, corporates have access to these funds, enabling them to procure high quality building materials for their construction projects from CinderBuild. This seamless integration streamlines the entire process, eliminating delays, and enhancing the efficiency of property development.

By empowering corporates with the financial resources to procure superior building materials, we are catalyzing a transformative change in the construction industry. The properties developed through our platform boast enhanced durability and quality materials, elevating the overall living experience for homeowners. This virtuous cycle fosters a reputation of excellence for corporates, attracting more potential buyers and creating a positive impact in the real estate market.

Owning a mortgage account with cinderbuild is simple and hassle-free. Homeowners can easily link their mortgage accounts to the card, allowing for direct payments and better visibility of mortgage-related transactions. Every financial transaction is meticulously tracked and recorded, ensuring complete visibility for both salary earners and corporates. 

For us at CinderBuild, beyond the bottom line and the excitement of deploying a rapidly adopted technology solution, we are peeling back layer by layer the depth of value in tech enabled procurement and delivering this value to a fast growing user base in one of the largest construction markets in the world.

As we begin our next phase, we are tapping into the depth of learnings from launching in a robust market like Nigeria, and leveraging that to build locally-adapted digital products as we launch swiftly into more African countries. We see ourselves as an innovation leader in this space, as our teams are drawn from some of the most reputable institutions in the world, and backed by top-tier VCs from across Europe and the U.S.

Whether you’re building roads, bridges, housing estates, commercial buildings in the private and public sector, Builder 360™ has everything you need to take your construction projects and business to the next level.Visit our website today at or reach us on, +2347001236202.

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