Meta title: Crypto Insiders State That the Top Must-Have Tokens Are: Sui, NEAR Protocol & Everlodge

Meta description: Sui, NEAR Protocol, and Everlodge are the top must-have tokens in September, according to crypto insiders. Find out why they are gaining attention.

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Sui (SUI), NEAR Protocol (NEAR), and Everlodge (ELDG) – are the top three must-have tokens for September 2023. According to crypto insiders, these promising tokens can potentially deliver substantial returns. Keep reading to find out why these three cryptocurrencies have recently made headlines. 


  • Sui sees a surge in daily active addresses
  • NEAR Protocol price prediction 
  • Everlodge projected to experience a 30x rally on its launch day

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Sui (SUI): Continues Rising 

Sui (SUI) is an innovative, decentralized L1 blockchain making waves in the crypto space. What sets Sui apart is its mission to redefine asset ownership. With a focus on creating a user-friendly, decentralized ecosystem, Sui aims to empower individuals by putting control back in their hands. 

In the last 90 days, Sui has seen a surge in daily active addresses by 56.8%, a sign of growing interest and adoption. Crypto insiders are keeping a close eye on the Sui crypto, believing it has the potential to disrupt the blockchain landscape.

Market analysts remain bullish for the Sui token. In other words, many predict that the Sui value will sit between $0.68 and $0.78 within Q4 of 2023. 

NEAR Protocol (NEAR): Breaking Barriers

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) is not a newcomer to the crypto scene, but it continues to impress with its forward-thinking approach. SailGP, a global water racing league, is making history by introducing the first-ever community-owned and managed team built on the NEAR Protocol. 

This innovative partnership breaks barriers in the racing world and highlights NEAR’s ability to foster decentralized solutions in various industries. As the adoption of the NEAR Protocol crypto grows, so does its potential as an investment option.

Due to all these reasons, experts in the field foresee the NEAR Protocol price will reach $1.77 by December 2023. 

Everlodge (ELDG): Transforming Real Estate

The real estate market has long been known for its challenges, from lack of transparency to high barriers to entry. Everlodge (ELDG), a blockchain-based platform, aims to solve these issues. By offering transparent and efficient fractional property ownership and eliminating intermediaries, Everlodge is revolutionizing real estate.

In other words, Everlodge will build a unique property marketplace where high-end vacation homes and hotels will be digitized and minted into NFTs. Afterward, these NFTs are fractionalized. Therefore, this approach eliminates the problem of only wealthy individuals gaining access to this booming sector. Instead, anyone can become a fractional owner

Another exciting feature of Everlodge is its Rewards Club. With this club, members gain access to a range of exclusive privileges. They can earn free nightly stays across all properties within the Everlodge ecosystem. Furthermore, members can even resell these nights, creating an opportunity for passive income.

However, only ELDG native token holders gain access to this club, discounts, and more. For this reason, countless individuals are flooding the Stage 2 presale as one ELDG costs just $0.016. Moreover, with its low market cap, this token may surge faster than Sui and NEAR Protocol. Therefore, experts predict a 30x rally when it gets listed on a CEX after its launch.

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