Described as a hospital without walls, Preggify launches to provide access to ante and postnatal care to pregnant women in Africa on the go.

Africa recorded a birth rate of around 45.84 million for the year 2022, many of these are career women, who in many cases have to pause or quit their careers in order to provide the best care for their children before and after childbirth. This is even more personal for Preggify’s CEO and Co-founder, Dr. Ifunanya Igweze who is a medical doctor and has witnessed various expecting mothers who couldn’t access quality healthcare due to rigors of their careers and other life demands. In many cases, some of these women lose their children due to inadequate care. This birthed the idea of a platform that connects expecting mothers to healthcare services at their fingertips. She teamed up with Preggify’s current co-founder and CTO, Temitayo Peter to build just that.

With over 2,000 career women receiving care and education in its community already, Preggify has launched a web app to allow these and even more women to access these crucial services at their fingertips. The team believes that this would help democratize access to healthcare, especially for pregnant women in Africa. Preggify’s Co-Founder and CTO, Temitayo, while discussing the launch stated that “we worked very hard to create a simple and convenient app to provide help and information to women that need these services at their fingertips.”

What makes Preggify different is that it is tailored to the needs of African women and their partners, who are in need of maternal care. Another standout benefit of the platform is its Pregnancy Academy which provides information to women and their caregivers: educating them on various health practices, feeding and sleeping patterns, as well as healthy exercises to carry out in order to ensure a healthy lifestyle for both mother and child. With its 24/7 bespoke support channel which caters to all maternal health related enquiries through vetted medical professionals, Preggify offers a comprehensive health-care facility (and community), without a brick and mortar structure to accompany it.

Mr. Babatunde Akin-Moses, one of the company’s advisors, affirmed his support for the founders and the company, due to their resourcefulness and importance of their vision. According to him “healthcare for African women is often overlooked and as such is an untapped market. A solid team consisting of a talented health and tech professionals, is very well positioned to provide a viable and all-encompassing solution in the industry”.

About Preggify

Founded in 2022, Preggify is a technology-enabled one-stop platform which provides women with healthcare services across Africa. The company’s vision is to ensure that women who desire to pursue their career goals are not hindered by pregnancy and childcare. With the launch of its app, the company plans to increase traction and gain more customers, even as it raises equity capital.

For more information about Preggify and to become a customer, please visit the Preggify website. If you’d like to find out how you could partner with and/or invest in the company, you can reach out via this email address:

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