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The gambling industry is a behemoth worldwide, with physical casinos a popular part of entertainment over a long period of time the world over. The growth and improvement in technology alongside regulatory changes in many countries in recent years has led to an increase in online gaming. Combining these two pleasures has enticed many gamblers to play online, from the comfort of their own home and the growth in this sector is staggering, with an expectancy for greater growth over the coming years. Live casinos are very much the present and the future of iGaming, but how do you set up an online casino and make a success of it? 


Why should you set up a live casino?

Online casino businesses are lucrative and profitable once they are up and running and are now one of the leading online businesses in the world. iGaming has taken an incredibly popular hobby for many and brought it into their homes, making it much easier to place a wager and to have some fun in a casino setting without having to physically set foot in a land casino. It takes time, hard work and dedication to be a success with an online live casino however, creating games that are designed to engage and excite and provide a safe and secure platform for play and payments.

How to set up an online casino and be a success

As with any company and industry, it is important to follow a thorough process. There are different hoops to jump through in order to set-up a live casino, so here are a few things you need to know

1. Be aware of the costs

It isn’t cheap to set up a new online casino. There is no clear answer though, as it all depends on what type of casino you want to run, what games you intend to roll out, and whether or not there will be real-life live dealers on the screens of customers, or just standard online games. You then also need to factor in website creation, social channels and other marketing endeavours to attract and maintain interest, as well as maintenance costs and updates. 

2. Get the correct gaming license (take The Netherlands as an example)

In the Netherlands the law changed in 2021 to allow licences for remote gambling. There are now over twenty licensed gaming companies operating within the Netherlands, each providing a variation of online gambling options for Dutch players, such as access to live dealer blackjack, roulette, and slots. If you’re looking for a purely online and legal online casino, Kansino is one to check out. The legal framework will differ slightly from country to country, so be sure that you are following the correct regulations and legislation to protect your company legally. 

3. Choose the right software

It is so important that you choose the right type of gambling software that allows you to determine the levels of performance that your customers can expect on a consistent basis. This will help you with gaming content, technical support, certification and finding the correct support that you need for your specific ideals and targets for your online casino. 

4. Be clear with your gambling content

The main draw to potential customers is a range of exciting and fun games, so you need to be clear from the outset about what type of online casino you want to run and what type of content is available. For some, this is about concentrating on having access to as many wide and varied slots games as possible, for others it is about attracting people to play on a variety of live dealer tables and prioritise that authentic, human interaction like a real life casino.

5. Secure payment is crucial

The next thing to be aware of is that customers will join you and become loyal if they are convinced that the payment methods are safe and that their winnings are secure and easy to withdraw. Ensuring that your online casino supports integration of a variety of secure e-payment systems, including international commercial transactions, will help to provide a sturdy foundation that customers can trust in terms of payments and withdrawals. 

6. Stay ahead of the curve

The iGaming industry continues to evolve, so you need to research, stay relevant and ahead of the curve. With the improvement in tech and VR, these are the next boundaries that online live casinos will look towards, and your current website must be equipped to upgrade and deal with any technological improvements that will entice new customers and keep the online casino experience smooth and stable.

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