The UK-Nigeria Tech Hub is an initiative by the UK government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sports (DCMS) to support the growth of the Technology ecosystem in Nigeria. The UK-Nigeria Tech Hub stimulates local digital economies, supports inclusive and sustainable economic growth and jobs, builds high-end digital skills, and forge innovation partnerships between Nigerian tech sectors and international businesses.

The UK-Nigeria Tech Hub partnered with NINE,  to launch an impact accelerator, ‘Social Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship’ for social impact entrepreneurs. Those selected will join the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub founder pipeline and gain access to resources and network, In addition, they will undergo a bespoke 16-week in-person and virtual training, from local tech hubs and business leaders, designed to equip them with the expertise needed to scale their impact while remaining profitable. To apply, visit

In the build-up to the accelerator, NINE and Kaduna Business School developed a challenge brief to identify market and sector-specific gaps in Health, Climate change, Education and Food security affecting underserved populations in 6 pilot states in Nigeria – Edo State, Adamawa State, Kwara State, Kaduna State, Enugu State and Osun State. To read the challenge brief, visit

To become eligible for the programme, startups must be MVP-ready and be addressing challenges within the specific sectors, namely Education, Employment, Food, Health, Climate & environmental change. Female start-up founders and innovators are highly encouraged to apply.

To learn more about the programme eligibility requirements and benefits, visit here

According to the Country Director of the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub, Oyinkansola Akintola-Bello, ‘this collaboration to scale social impact innovations underscores the UK’s commitment nurturing brilliance in underserved regions, ensuring that every idea, regardless of location has the resource and support required to scale.’ 

The Country Director’s points were further buttressed by the Chairman, Network of Incubators and Innovators in Nigeria (NINE) Bankole Oloruntoba adding that ‘it is imperative that we stimulate emerging city-based innovation ecosystem in Nigeria beyond Abuja and Lagos. This program is focused on these emerging state economies to stimulate the entrepreneurial economies as well as create job possibilities using digital tech’.

To learn more and apply, visit the SIDE Nigeria website:

About the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub

The UK- Nigeria Tech Hub is a UK funded initiative to support the growth of the Technology ecosystem in Nigeria by promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth in the tech sector, leading to more trade and investment in the longer term. ​

The UK -Nigeria Tech Hub works to stimulate local digital economies, support inclusive and sustainable economic growth and jobs, build high-end digital skills, and forge innovation partnerships between Nigerian tech sectors and international businesses.

About NINE

The Network of Incubators and Innovators in Nigeria (NINE) unites Business and Technology Incubators, Accelerators, and Innovation Centers, supporting innovative startups and SMEs in Nigeria. NINE’s goal is to bolster stakeholders’ capacity in guiding innovation and business growth.

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