“Big Tech This Week” is excited to announce the launch of Season 1 of  “Backstories with Fatu,” a nerdy, off-the-rails talk show that delves into the life experiences of some of Africa’s foremost tech industry leaders. The show, hosted by the charismatic and insightful Fatu Ogwuche, promises an intimate exploration of the personal narratives, challenges, triumphs, and pivotal life events that have shaped the success stories of these influential figures.

Season 1 delves into the lives and journeys of the people backing Africa’s innovators – Kola Aina, Founding Partner, Ventures Platform; Odun Eweniyi, COO, PiggyVest; Nichole Yembra, Managing Partner, Chrysalis Capital; and Olumide Soyombo, Founder, Voltron Capital.  

“Backstories with Fatu” transcends the conventional interview format, offering viewers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with CEOs, founders, and innovators on a deeper level. Each episode provides a unique lens into the people at the forefront of shaping Africa’s tech ecosystem.

Beyond entertainment, “Backstories with Fatu” is significant and critical for spotlighting Africa’s burgeoning tech industry’s challenges, triumphs, and trends. Through candid conversations, this show aims to elevate the discourse around the African tech landscape, shedding light on the dynamic individuals driving innovation and progress.

One of the primary objectives of the show is to serve as a launchpad for emerging tech entrepreneurs. The insightful discussions with industry leaders will provide actionable insights and invaluable advice for those looking to build enduring businesses in the tech sector. Viewers can expect to gain practical knowledge and inspiration that transcends the traditional boundaries of success.

For seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, and operators in the ecosystem, “Backstories with Fatu” offers a glimpse into the future of Africa’s tech industry. The interviews are a barometer for industry trends, providing a nuanced perspective on the sector’s direction. This valuable information will aid stakeholders in making informed decisions, driving innovation, and staying ahead in an ever-evolving landscape.

As Africa emerges as a global hub for technological innovation, “Backstories with Fatu” stands as a testament to the richness of the narratives within the tech community. The show is a must-watch for anyone interested in understanding the human stories behind the success, the unexpected turns that shaped their journeys, and the remarkable individuals who continue to shape the future.

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About “Backstories with Fatu”

“Backstories with Fatu” is an unscripted talk show that delves into the personal lives of Africa’s tech industry leaders. Fatu hosts the show and takes viewers on an intimate journey, exploring the motivations, life lessons, and personal stories of CEOs, founders, and innovators. Through candid conversations, Fatu goes beyond the surface to provide unique insights into the lives of some of Africa’s most influential figures in tech.

About Fatu

Fatu is an entrepreneur in the tech media industry and the founder of Big Tech This Week, a community for tech professionals and key players in Africa’s tech ecosystem.

President Obama recognised her as a young African leader and selected her for the Mandela Washington Fellowship in 2015. She gained valuable experience at Howard University during this fellowship.

The same year, she played a significant role in Nigeria’s presidential elections. She led the Electoral Commission’s digital strategy and was a TV spokesperson. Her communication effectively communicated INEC’s election strategy to the nation. In the 2016 presidential elections, she served as an Election Observer in Washington, D.C., extending her expertise to the international arena.

Driven by her passion for policy, she joined the Carter Foundation in 2017 and spent seven months in Kenya supporting the country’s general elections.

Her commitment to using technology for social good led her to Meta (Facebook). At Meta, she led Government Partnerships in Sub-Saharan Africa, forging meaningful connections and launching new products.

Fatu is an accomplished host known for her ability to engage and connect with guests personally. With her policy, tech, and media background, she brings a unique blend of expertise and charisma to “Backstories with Fatu.” Her show is a must-watch for audiences interested in the human stories behind Africa’s tech leaders.

About “Big Tech This Week”

Big Tech This Week is a media company that caters to tech enthusiasts, news fanatics, and key players in the tech industry. Our platform covers the latest and biggest news in African tech, startup trends, industry developments, and features on influential tech leaders.For media inquiries, please contact: fatu@bigtechthisweek.comrobert@bigtechthisweek.com

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