The financial technology landscape is starting to become crowded. To remain competitive in this crowded market, financial institutions must embrace the most advanced technology solutions available to them.

Oradian have been on-the-ground in Nigeria for over a decade, and have been a key driver of positive change within fintech. 

We wanted to speak to their Co-Founder and CEO, Antonio Separovic about the company, and why they have committed themselves to Nigeria. With their long history in the region, and their impressive customer base, including Fairmoney, Umba, and LARDI, we thought it would be a great opportunity to unpack the key benefits they are bringing to financial institutions in our region.  


  1. Why is Oradian so focused on the fintech ecosystem in emerging markets? 

The growing global demand for financial services represents a massive opportunity. We have already captured significant market share in two of the fastest growing markets, Nigeria, and the Philippines, and we continue to grow in other emerging economies such as Indonesia, and Kenya.   

In terms of the world of financing, we offer a comprehensive and complex cloud-based core banking system that allows our customers to drive performance at scale. We enable financial institutions to grow and outperform their competition by helping them rapidly launch new products, provide increased transparency into all transactions, and create standardised processes across their institution. We understand that financial institutions have a lot on their plates, from dealing with regulators to customer acquisition, but partnering with Oradian allows them to focus on innovation and engagement with their own customers, while we take care of the back-end of their business, from product set-up to complex loan calculations. 

  1. What is unique about your platform in terms of technology? 

Our platform is technically interesting as it is a true Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. This means we have one, highly configurable version of the code that allows customers across 12 different countries and 12 different regulatory regimes to adapt it to their operating models.  

We also must deal with some exciting scaling challenges, as we have customers with several million banking clients and 100s of millions of transactions. 

  1. What is the key benefit for the users who are using your platform? 

Our customers can focus on their business while our product supports their back-end operations. This allows them to rapidly scale, launch new products and focus on building a growing and profitable business. We are the complete solution, not just software, but also local support, including dedicated API integration and account management. We have over a decade’s experience working in emerging markets, with local teams providing customised support for our customers. Our large team in Lagos have an unparalleled understanding of the Nigerian market, enabling them to react rapidly to customer needs and respond to new regulations and guidelines. We are constantly innovating, and this innovation is built into the core of our product, therefore making it available to all our customers. 

4. What else could you point out from the technological side? 

Our solution is extremely flexible, easy to integrate, and provides a platform on which financial institutions can develop their own customised products and solutions. We believe in democratising all our innovations; therefore, all our customers have access to our core banking and loan management products regardless of their size.  

5. With whom is Oradian currently working? 

Oradian has been working with a huge variety of financial institutions across Nigeria for over a decade, including some of the country’s true market leaders. Over 20 institutions now trust Oradian’s product to drive their growth and performance. 

Here’s what Managing Director of Fairmoney, Henry Obiekea had to say about why they chose Oradian. 

“We considered the usability of the service, how flexible it is, and how responsive the service provider is. Just as our customer needs are changing, we also have dynamic company needs. Every point in time we are talking to our partners about our needs and what we can do to improve. We want a partner that does that with us.

“Looking at Oradian we were able to see all that: we didn’t want to build a core system from scratch, we needed something new and something fresh. It’s been a nice experience so far.”

We have partnered with a growing number of digital lenders and neobanks that put technology at the heart of their business model. These innovative firms, such as Fairmoney, and Umba demand scalable, flexible, configurable technology, rather than one-size-fits-all solutions, and we’re continually developing our product to meet those evolving demands. 

6. What are you currently working on? 

We know we need to keep evolving our product. The growing global demand for financial services means institutions need increasingly flexible, scalable technology solutions to deliver to their expanding customer base. 

The direction Oradian is taking is to enable our customers to keep scaling and growing, while adding the flexibility they need for their business requirements.  

This means adding an extra level of configurability through custom code, custom tables, and workflows. We’re enabling our customers to configure their core system at the click of a button, but also to introduce their own code to enable processes not usually included in the system. It’s the best of both worlds! 

We’re increasing the sophistication in terms of what Oradian is capable of, while maintaining the spirit of a simple, usable, flexible system that works straight off the shelf. 

About Oradian.

Oradian is an extensible, cloud-native core banking solution optimised for financial institutions in emerging markets. It was founded to enable financial businesses to reach more clients, move faster and unlock growth. Oradian powers financial institutions in 15 countries, who are serving over 15 million individuals and SMEs. This advanced banking system integrates seamlessly with your business via APIs to provide automated lending, risk management, scoring, accounting, compliance, messaging, reporting and more.

For more information about Oradian please visit:

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