In Nigeria’s financial services sector, cybersecurity remains a critical pillar of stability and growth for business operations. Recognising this growing importance, YNV Group, a leading global provider of technological solutions, through its cybersecurity brand, Cytek, has recently championed conversations on cybersecurity resilience within Nigeria’s financial services sector.

The company hosted a dialogue on “Ensuring Cybersecurity Resilience in Financial Services Companies in Nigeria”, bringing together key stakeholders from across the financial services landscape to address the pressing challenges and emerging threats faced by the industry.

The rapid expansion of digital financial services in Nigeria has ushered in unprecedented opportunities for individuals and enterprises. However, this accelerating pace has also given rise to a surge in cyber threats, posing a significant challenge to the continued development of banks in the country. This challenge can be addressed by learning from experts’ insights and discussing industry best practices.

The webinar served as a valuable platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration, empowering participants with insights from industry experts on innovative solutions to fortify their digital infrastructure. Cytek made some recommendations to financial institutions on cybersecurity, such as risk management, employee training and retention, customer awareness, vendor management, and many more. Experts were also advised to be cautious about the type of people they train for cybersecurity while ensuring they understand their businesses, the environment, and threats, because these serve as a guide to securing their institutions from cyber threat.

Through its unwavering dedication to enhancing cybersecurity resilience, Cytek is playing a pivotal role in safeguarding the integrity and stability of Nigeria’s financial sector. The business is committed to ensuring capacity building, managed security services, and advisory and implementation services are in place for Nigerian businesses in the financial services sector. This will be facilitated through the launch of the security operations centre, a full suite of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

By fostering collaboration and promoting knowledge exchange, Cytek is empowering financial institutions to confront the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats and emerge stronger, more resilient, and better equipped to serve their customers in the digital age.

The virtual session featured a lineup of distinguished speakers, including cybersecurity thought leaders, financial industry experts, and other professionals with extensive experience in protecting financial institutions against cyber threats. Notable speakers from the session included Chief Cybersecurity Architect, Cytek, Anat (Rubin) Garty; Group Chief Information Security Officer, First Bank, Dr. Harrison Nnaji; and Head of Cytek, Global Cyber Defense Expert, Michael Arov.

About Cytek

Cytek is part of the YNV Group, a multinational company operating brands across three sectors: technology talent, financial services, and real estate. Cytek delivers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, providing businesses and organizations with the advisory, implementation, and managed services they need to successfully defend themselves against cyber threats. Cytek provides custom service design and rapid scalability through its international network of centers.

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