Emmanuel Chapel, Methodist Church Nigeria proudly announces the groundbreaking inaugural event, the AI & Faith Summit 2023, slated to take place on the 16th of December in Lagos, Nigeria. This pioneering summit is set to explore the convergence of modern technology and age-old religious principles, poised to redefine the landscape of faith-based ideologies.

The AI & Faith Summit is positioned as a crucial milestone, inviting influential voices and thought leaders from diverse spheres, including faith scholars, tech entrepreneurs, and societal figures. This exclusive gathering aims to facilitate meaningful conversations, collaborations, and innovative discussions on the profound impact of technology on the future of religion and spirituality.

Emmanuel Chapel, Methodist Church Nigeria is spearheading this unprecedented initiative. The summit serves as a platform for fostering dialogue and understanding across religious boundaries while envisioning a harmonious future empowered by technological advancements.

“Our world is at a juncture where the intersection of AI and faith beckons on us to navigate uncharted territories. The AI & Faith Summit is a catalyst for insightful deliberations, envisioning how these realms can synergize to shape a more inclusive, ethical, and spiritually conscious society,” remarked Very Reverend Konyin Ajayi.

The summit’s agenda encompasses a diverse array of engaging sessions, including keynote addresses, panel discussions, and interactive workshops. Notable speakers hailing from various disciplines will impart their expertise and perspectives, fostering an environment ripe for exploring the nuanced relationship between technology and spirituality.

“We’re thrilled to bring together minds that bridge the gap between technology and spirituality. Our aim is to ignite discussions that will not only shape the future but also nurture a profound understanding of how technology can complement and enhance our spiritual journeys,” added Patrick Smith, spokesperson for the program.

The AI & Faith Summit 2023 aspires to attract a global audience, transcending geographical boundaries to unite professionals, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders keen on exploring the transformative potential of technology within religious contexts.

This groundbreaking event promises an enriching experience, combining visionary insights with practical applications, providing attendees with a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape where faith and technological advancements converge.

Registration for the AI & Faith Summit 2023 is open, inviting participants eager to embark on this transformative journey at the forefront of the evolving relationship between technology and faith. For more information and registration details, please visit: https://aifaithsummit.emmanuelchapelng.org

About Emmanuel Chapel, Methodist Church Nigeria:

Emmanuel Chapel, Methodist Church Nigeria, is a beacon of spiritual enlightenment and progressive thought. Committed to fostering inclusive dialogues and forward-thinking initiatives, the chapel aims to enrich lives by integrating timeless religious principles with modern advancements.

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