In 2015 when Velvot opened its doors to the world, its goal was unequivocal: offer the finest and most cost-effective tech solution. This mission birthed Velvot 1.0, an innovative venture that displayed indisputable fervour which drove it to within one year of inception, in 2016, secure the Microsoft Gold Partner for SMBs. This fuelled our drive and spurred us to work even harder to meet our clients’ needs, leading us to in 2017, begin to offer our custom applications solution across industry verticals. As the company began to establish itself as a go-to tech company for variegate industry players, organisations, as well as individuals,  Velvot 1.0 was incorporated as a Limited Liability company in 2018, while also launching our now famous Velvot store, the one-stop-shop for all things software and hardware. Velvot 1.0 in no time established itself as a major player in the Nigeria tech market, and in 2019, was upgraded to Microsoft Tier-1 Cloud Solutions provider for the whole of Africa. We seized this rare opportunity which underscored our vision to be the preferred digital strategy partner by using tech intensity for the entire IT ecosystem of Africa, and by 2020 we had expanded our reach to 49 African countries. Across the years, we gained notable awards, commendations, and official recognitions. Velvot 1.0’s growth might have seemed magical to some, but for us, it was the result of hard work paying off. However, hard work it is often said, beget more work. Velvot 1.0 understood this well, never letting up even as we expanded our services and reached new countries, including Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, and Mauritius. It wasn’t long before we earned authorization as a Sophos Tier Partner. 

The company which began with the founder selling recharge cards, charging phones, and downloading mobile games using a simple N97 phone, grew to become a contending tech company in Africa. The transformation from those early days to what Velvot 1.0 became is truly a marvel and a testament of a grass-to-grace story. The founder, Mr Aliyu Garba has always emphasized that the success of Velvot 1.0 wasn’t just a tale of luck; but rather, a story rooted in innovation, constant brainstorming, and unwavering hard work. He always stressed the need to do more, and to ask, “how can we do it two times better”, thus Velvot 2.0.

Seeing the accomplishments of Velvot 1.0 so far, some are wondering, what more could Velvot 2.0 deliver? Well, the answer lies in the evolving technological landscape. As the new dawn of technology emerges—the age of Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, E-commerce, Omnichannel Retail, Remote Work and Collaboration, etc.— technology is becoming too complex for solutions people are used to. Technology is outgrowing everyday solutions; and as Einstein said, solving new problems requires different approaches than those that caused them. This realization is what is shaping the transformational campaign of Velvot 2.0. Velvot 2.0 is providing answers to the questions our clients never knew they needed to ask, and presenting solutions that they never realised they so needed to make their business processes more seamless and more profitable. Velvot 2.0, the all new, all-encompassing and all innovative solution promises double the security, double the innovation, double the ideation and double the solution. Velvot 2.0 is a cutting-edge reimagination and recalibration of tech solutions dedicated to modern digital transformation and specialized services. Velvot 2.0 brings with it crucial technology solutions and expert guidance, ensuring our clients thrive in today’s digital era. Velvot 2.0 is the aggregation of not just our years of offering our clients cutting-edge business technology solutions, but also a juncture of years of innovation, tech wit, masterful client focused services among a host of others.  Previously, we banked on the strength of Velvot 1.0, which without fail delivered top-tier 21st-century digital transformation solutions and services, encompassing vital emerging technologies crucial in a digital age. Now, Velvot 2.0 proudly positions itself as a premier Cloud, IT, and Technology solution provider across Africa and the world. Our goal is to revolutionize how organizations operate, collaborate, engage, analyze, and report, enabling them to achieve pivotal business objectives and thrive in a world of constant change. Velvot’s longstanding mission has aimed to provide advanced digital transformation technologies to both African and global clients; aspiring to become their foremost digital strategy partner. This aspiration revolves around intensifying technology to encompass the entire IT ecosystem of Africa and beyond—a core driving force for our evolution. This principle has been pivotal in our growth. 

It was James Cash Penney who said “growth is never by mere chance, it is the result of forces working together.” Velvot 2.0 is the force you need to attain your highest growth potentials..

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