Selar, an e-commerce store builder empowering creators and entrepreneurs in Africa and beyond to monetize their skills and knowledge as digital products has partnered with Risevest, a leading investment platform connecting Nigerians to international investment opportunities,  to launch a six-episode video series centered around creators and their journey to success. This collaborative venture is set to launch Monday, 5th February 2024. 

Originally a blog series, Creator Stories invites top creators to share their journeys, insights, challenges, and lessons, aiming to inspire fellow creators. The blog issue has already showcased over 50 stories of African creators, including influential figures such as Salem King, Peace Itimi, Tayo Aina, and Hauwa Lawal, among others. The upcoming video series aims to spotlight and tell the original stories of creators in the African creator economy. 

The inaugural season features six distinguished creators – Adora Nwodo, Jay On Air, Blessing Abeng, Daniel Ochuko, Itsn3t, and DwintheStoic – who will share their creator journey on camera.

The overarching objective of this collaboration is to offer a more immersive experience for viewers, tell stories of creators in Africa, and showcase diverse narratives that underscore the growing Creator Economy in Africa. This partnership with Risevest, enhances our ability to achieve these goals seamlessly, all while educating creators on the importance of securing their financial future.

The CEO & Founder of Selar, Douglas Kendyson said,“Financial freedom is on the mind of every creator: being able to create and live the life they want with ease. That’s why partnering with Risevest for this new series feels so perfect. Risevest is enabling everyone to be financially free by connecting them to global investment opportunities and I’m excited for us to share this series with everyone.” 

“Risevest has always had a strong love affair with creators. From our first brand ambassador, Teni, to one of the inaugural speakers on this Series, Dwinthestoic, who actually wrote Rise’s theme song. We believe that everyone should have the tools to succeed financially. This is at the core of all that we do. This synergy with Selar is to extend that vision to creators across their platforms and beyondsaid Eke Urum, the CEO & Founder at Risevest. 

Creator Stories is scheduled to launch in February 2024, and viewers can look forward to an engaging and inspiring series that highlights the remarkable journeys of creators in Africa. Aspiring creators, industry professionals, and enthusiasts of the creator economy are encouraged to stay tuned for the release of each episode. Watch here 

About Selar:

Selar, a prominent ecommerce store builder,empowering creators and entrepreneurs in Africa and beyond to monetize their skills and knowledge as digital products. With a robust community of over 150,000 creators and a user base exceeding 800,000, Selar stands as a trusted platform that supports and nurtures the aspirations of creators. Additionally, Selar proudly hosts the largest creator summit in Africa, providing a valuable space for networking, learning, and collaboration within the creator community.

About Risevest:

Risevest is a prominent investment platform that connects Nigerians to international investment opportunities. With a focus on financial inclusion and empowering individuals to secure their financial future, Risevest provides access to a diverse range of investment options, including stocks, real estate and global bonds.

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