Poised to redefine financial access, Crendly announces the launch of its platform; a market place for loans. It’s credit-risk algorithm and platform is a move set to empower Nigerians and their businesses in achieving their financial aspirations. By harnessing the power of our proprietary human character-based set of Algorithms, Crendly is democratizing access to credit by making it a reality for a wider segment of the population to access credit in a market where this has been a longstanding issue while also fostering economic and financial inclusion in emerging markets.

In a country with a population of over 200 million, less than 10% of Nigerians have access to credit facilities with high interest rates and little or irregular income being the major barriers. The AI-driven nature of Crendly’s API will extend new capabilities to financial institutions by adapting and growing with new data. It will allow them transcend traditional boundaries in credit provision by offering precise, bias-free lending decisions to a diverse range of customers, including those beyond their existing customer base. The flexibility and autonomy offered by Crendly are based on the premise that borrowers are empowered to define their loan terms or negotiate directly with lenders in the marketplace. This level of control and choice in loan acquisition presents as a  significant change from the conventional structures of traditional banking.

Speaking on the launch of the platform, Damilare Odueso, CEO, Crendly stated “This is more than a technological innovation; it’s a revolution in the concept of trust in finance, empowering everyday Nigerians to become active participants in the lending landscape. This platform uniquely positions everyday Nigerians to participate actively in the lending process; it allows individuals with disposable income become active lenders, offering loans and earning returns.”

Damilare also reiterated that because Crendly is focused on the democratization of the lending process previously dominated by traditional financial institutions, it opens up new avenues for financial growth and community support; it identifies trust as a tool for empowerment, enabling Nigerians to both be beneficiaries and contributors to financial prosperity. Crendly is not only providing a solution to the credit gap in Nigeria; it is revolutionizing the role of individuals in the financial ecosystem.

Give loans or take loans, Crendly goes beyond making credit equally accessible for everyone, everywhere. It is a community that connects borrowers and lenders, by following strong ethical and credit principles to help both parties reach their financial goals.

About Crendly:

Crendly is reimagining Credit Risk Assessment via its pioneering Character-Based Algorithm and P2P lending platform, revolutionizing Nigeria’s financial landscape. Our innovative approach leverages adaptive algorithms and a unique social credit scoring system, fostering a trusted environment where financial dreams become attainable for everyone. Lenders find a profitbale way to lend, while borrowers gain access to fair and affordable financial services.

For detailed information on Crendly’s transformative financial services and opportunities for collaboration, visit www.crendly.com 

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