ICP.Hub Sahara, the official Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) hub for West Africa, is proud to announce a series of impactful events to foster developer engagement and accelerate the adoption of ICP technology in the region.

  1. A Developer’s Engagement – ICP For Developers, Ghana
  • Hosted by Chosen Fintech Solutions
  • Dates: Running from February to March

ICP.Hub Sahara, in collaboration with Chosen Fintech Solutions, presents “ICP For Developers, Ghana,” a comprehensive engagement program with the goal of certifying 200 skilled developers in ICP. This initiative is set to empower the local developer community and enhance their proficiency in Internet Computer Protocol.

  1. CodeCraft Blockchain and AI Workshop
  • Hosted by Remostart
  • Date: February 16th
  • Venue: Koffi Annan ICT Centre, Accra, Ghana

Join us for the “CodeCraft Blockchain and AI Workshop” at the prestigious Koffi Annan ICT Centre. Organized by Remostart, this workshop is designed to bring together AI and Blockchain developers, encouraging the deployment of AI+Blockchain solutions on ICP. The event will feature grant empowerment opportunities for participants.

  1. Internet Computer Workshop at KNUST College of Science
  • Date: February 18th
  • Venue: KNUST College of Science, Kumasi, Ghana

ICP.Hub Sahara extends its reach to the academic community with the “Internet Computer Workshop” at KNUST College of Science. This one-day workshop aims to engage students in discussions about Blockchain and the deployment of decentralized applications (DApps) on the Internet Computer Protocol.

ICP.Hub Sahara is committed to driving innovation and technological advancements in West Africa. These events mark a significant step towards building a robust ICP ecosystem in the region.

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