Even after 8 years of its launch, Pokemon GO is still played by millions of gamers worldwide. Its high-quality AR and real-time battles have kept players engaged. However, its geo-restricted gameplay hinders the experience for many gamers who are unable to travel and collect Pokemon. So, if you are also struggling with this issue, then you are reading the right article. In this guide, we will talk in detail about how to spoof location on iPhone and play Pokemon GO without any restrictions.

With Pokemon GO spoofing, you can teleport your in-game character to any location of your choice and then play the game naturally as if you are walking around in that area. So, let’s begin our discussion and learn how to spoof Pokemon GO on iOS without computer.

Is it still possible to spoof Pokemon Go 2024?

Yes, it is possible to spoof Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO uses the phone’s GPS location to simulate the trainer’s movement. When you use a location spoofing app, it changes your phone’s GPS location to your preferred location. Once done, Pokemon GO also senses the location change and teleports your trainer to that location. 

Simply put, all you need is to use the best spoofing app for Pokemon GO that can spoof iPhone location and then allow you to move around the surroundings. The next part talks in detail about how to fake location on iPhone for Pokemon GO.

Latest Way to Spoof Pokemon GO on iOS 17 without Computer

Many apps can spoof Pokemon GO on iOS devices, but they either require a computer or jailbreak to spoof GPS location. However, this article is not about those apps. Today, we would like to present the best iOS 17 location spoofer app that can spoof Pokemon GO with no jailbreak and computer. The app is known as iAnyGo iOS App.

iAnyGo iOS App is the most advanced iPhone location spoofer app that can change the location of Pokemon GO to anywhere you want across the globe. You can use its search bar to set any coordinates to teleport and then move around the surroundings to catch Pokemon. 

The key features of the iAnyGo iOS App are as follows:

  • Spoof Pokemon Go to any street, city, or country.
  • Location spoofing without computer and jailbreak.
  • Set multi-spot movement to make the trainer move around those spots naturally.
  • Adjustable movement speed to make it look natural.
  • Joystick to move around in a 360° direction.
  • Support iOS 17.2 and later versions.
  • Cooldown timer to avoid changing locations frequently and increase the chances of soft ban.

In short, the iAnyGo iOS App is the most modernized and powerful Pokemon GO location spoofer for iOS. Let’s now see iAnyGo iOS in action by discussing the steps on how to spoof location on iPhone with its intuitive approach:

Steps to Spoof Pokemon GO on iOS 17 without Computer

Follow the below steps to install and use the iAnyGo iOS App:

Step 1. Install iAnyGo iOS App

The first and obvious step is to install the iAnyGo iOS App. For that, you have to first install the iAnyGo iOS assistant on your computer and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of the iAnyGo iOS app on your iPhone. 

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Step 2. Open iAnyGo iOS App

After successfully installing the iAnyGo iOS App, launch the app. It will display a map and show you the current location. 

Single-spot Movement

Now, either use the search bar to set the coordinates or pinpoint the location in the map where you want to spoof the location. Click the single-spot icon from the bottom right corner. Afterward, adjust the speed between 1 km/h to 30 km/h. 

Once done, you will notice that your in-game trainer will teleport to the exact location in Pokemon GO. Afterward, you can use the joystick to move around in a 360° direction.

how to use ianygo ios app to change location

Multi-spot Movement

If you want the trainer to move at multiple spots on the map, then you can use the multi-spot movement option. Click on that option from the bottom right corner and then specify the spots. Once done, click the “Start Moving” button. 

That’s it! This way, iAnyGo iOS App provides an instant, easiest, and most effective way to do Pokemon GO spoofing on iOS. So, why think more? Install the iAnyGo iOS App and play Pokemon GO without limits. 


  1. Does a VPN spoof Pokemon Go?

Yes, a VPN can spoof Pokemon GO location but cannot offer joystick movement. You can teleport the trainer to a different location, but you cannot move it. 

  1. How do you spoof in Pokemon GO without getting banned iOS?

The best way to spoof in Pokemon GO without getting banned is by using a Pokemon GO location spoofer that includes a cooldown timer. The cooldown timer prohibits you from switching locations frequently and making your activities suspicious. 

For instance, iAnyGo iOS App is a reliable Pokemon GO joystick iOS spoofer that comes with a cooldown timer along with adjustable speed to make your spoofing look natural.

  1. Is spoofing Pokemon GO illegal?

Spoofing Pokemon GO is not illegal. It gives an unfair advantage to players because they can spoof different locations without any physical movement. That’s why Niantic has made the rules, and it can lead to a ban if detected.

  1. How do you get a joystick for Pokemon Go on iPhone?

To get a joystick for Pokemon GO on iPhone, install iAnyGo iOS App. It allows you to teleport your trainer to any location of your choice and then use its virtual joystick to move in a 360° direction.

  1. What is the best spoofing app for Pokemon Go?

The best spoofing app for Pokemon GO should be the one that allows you to easily spoof GPS location to any coordinate and then move around with a joystick. This is exactly what you can get with the iAnyGo iOS App. It is a powerful Pokemon GO spoofer app that allows you to teleport your trainer to any place in the world. In addition, it provides a joystick, adjustable movement speed, cooldown timer, and much more. 

  1. How to Spoof Pokemon GO on Android without PC?

You can spoof Pokemon GO on Android without PC using the iAnyGo Android App. It provides an intuitive map from where you can specify the spot to teleport. Afterward, you can use its joystick and adjustable speed to move around the surroundings and play Pokemon GO without walking. 

Final Words

Pokemon GO spoofing is a common desire of players to eradicate geo-restrictions and explore different regions. In fact, it helps players to participate in Pokémon GO Tours happening in other regions and catch elusive Pokemon. Be ready for the Pokemon GO Sinnoh Tour!  Catch Special Pokemon with iAnyGo iOS App! Grab 20% off by using coupon code “TSNY20OFF”. This guide has discussed in detail how to spoof location on iPhone with iAnyGo iOS App. 

With iAnyGo iOS App, you can spoof Pokemon GO to any coordinates and then use its joystick or multi-spot option to move around and catch Pokemon effortlessly. So, we will wrap up by recommending you install iAnyGo iOS App on your iPhone and spoof Pokemon GO right away.

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