Sandeep is using his influence and professional experience to embody the spirit of innovation, mentorship and continuous learning.

Sandeep Kampa is not your average software engineer, he is a DevOps expert who is shaping the future of cloud computing. Currently, he is a senior DevOps Engineer at Splunk Inc., one of the world’s leading platforms for data analytics and observability. However, his impact extends beyonds Splunk’s walls. 

Sandeep is a master of more than 50 DevOps tools and technologies. He is passionate about applying DevSecOps principles and practices to optimize the development lifecycle, enhance the quality and performance of the products, and ensure compliance with security and regulatory standards. His recent win of the coveted 2023 International Achiever’s Award in recognition of outstanding professional achievement and contribution towards nation building is a testament to his dedication and expertise.

Sandeep’s journey in the tech industry began with his passion for software development and systems administration. Armed with a Master of Science in Computer Software Engineering from Stratford University, USA and a Bachelor of Science in Technology from JNTU Hyderabad, India, Sandeep’s academic prowess has laid a robust foundation for his professional triumphs. He has since worked on various customer-facing projects across healthcare, financial, and SaaS domains, where he honed his skills in designing, developing, deploying, and managing complex software systems.

Sandeep’s interest in DevOps and cloud computing grew as he realized the potential of these fields to transform the way software is delivered and operated. He joined Splunk in 2019 where he leads the web engineering team in creating scalable, secure, and reliable cloud solutions for the company’s marketing and growth initiatives. He is currently responsible for entire software development life cycles, from initial requirement gathering and architectural design to deployment, monitoring, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), and cybersecurity. He’s a master of over 50 DevOps tools  and technologies including Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, RHEL Linux, AEM, and cloud networking.

Sandeep’s expertise in DevOps and cloud computing has earned him recognition and respect within the tech community. He has played an instrumental role in guiding Splunk’s observability journey, which aims to provide customers and partners with comprehensive visibility and insights into their data and systems. He has showcased product demos to Splunk’s global customers and partners at the annual .Conf23 event in Las Vegas, demonstrating the value and impact of Splunk’s observability solutions.

Sandeep Kampa: A leader and mentor to the next STEM generation

Sandeep is more than just technically skilled, he is also an active contributor to the STEM community. He purposefully volunteers to share his knowledge with the next generation. His love for technology has led him to serve as a judge for university hackathons and a judging member of the USA National Level TSA 2023 Competitions. He is currently serving as a mentor on in the field of DevOps, DevSecOps and cloud technology helping individuals seeking knowledge and guidance in these areas. He empowers his mentees to achieve their professional goals and overcome challenges. 

He has become an international peer review board member for the IJCSMA journal and an associate member of IADAS. He has authored multiple scholarly articles in reputable journals and trade magazines, sharing his insights and findings on DevOps and cloud engineering. He is a contributing author at IT Briefcase and

Sandeep Kampa has become a role model for many thanks to his passion for technology. He is passionate which he has demonstrated by applying DevSecOps principles and practices to optimize the development lifecycle, enhance the quality and performance of the products. He is also a leader, a mentor, and a researcher, who strives to share his knowledge and experience with the wider tech community. 

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