Shiip, Africa’s leading courier and warehousing network, has announced a strategic partnership with MTN, the continent’s largest mobile network operator, to revolutionize internet device delivery for millions of Nigerian subscribers. This collaboration empowers MTN to leverage Shiip’s vast fulfillment network and expertise, ensuring faster, more convenient access to cutting-edge devices for over 6.7 million customers.

A Seamless “Click-to-Connected” Journey


Gone are the days of waiting in lines or navigating complex delivery processes. Customers can now seamlessly purchase devices on MTN’s online eshop and enjoy same-day or next-day delivery powered by Shiip’s robust infrastructure. This collaboration marks a significant step towards a simplified “Click-to-Connected” journey, making it easier than ever for Nigerians to access the tools they need to stay connected and participate in the digital economy.


Efficiency Through Warehousing and Fulfillment

To ensure faster and more efficient delivery, the partnership includes a strategic warehousing agreement. MTN will pre-stock Shiip’s warehouses with high-demand devices, minimizing pick-up trips and streamlining order processing. This not only reduces wait times for customers but also alleviates potential stock-out issues, guaranteeing a smooth and reliable delivery experience.

Bridging the Digital Divide

By making internet devices more accessible and affordable, this partnership plays a crucial role in bridging the digital divide in Nigeria. With faster delivery and wider reach, more Nigerians will have the opportunity to connect to the internet, unlock educational and economic opportunities, and contribute to the country’s digital transformation.

Leveraging Shiip’s Unmatched Network and Expertise

Shiip stands as Africa’s largest logistics leader, boasting a network of over 82 partners, including delivery companies and couriers. This extensive network guarantees nationwide coverage, even in remote areas, and ensures reliable delivery even during peak seasons. Additionally, MTN customers benefit from streamlined rates, making device purchases even more attractive.

SHiiP and MTN: A Partnership Built on Shared Values and Exceptional Service

SHiiP and MTN are on a shared mission to empower customers with exceptional service and operational excellence. Both companies prioritize minimizing customer concerns, and SHiiP’s reputation for proactive communication and timely deliveries aligns perfectly with MTN’s values. This shared vision lays the groundwork for our partnership that prioritizes both customer satisfaction and a seamless user experience.

Unlocking New Possibilities for Businesses and Consumers

This partnership opens doors for businesses seeking streamlined fulfillment solutions. Companies can tap into Shiip’s extensive network and expertise by signing up here or contacting the team directly. Consumers, on the other hand, can experience the “Click-to-Connected” convenience directly through MTN’s eshop.

Together, Shiip and MTN are paving the way for a brighter digital future in Nigeria, one where connectivity is accessible, efficient, and affordable for all.


Quotes from Shiip team

Ridwan Rasheed, Co-Founder & COO, Shiip: “This partnership empowers Shiip to leverage its leadership position in African logistics to serve millions of MTN customers, driving innovation and digital growth across the continent.”

Quadry Ola, CEO, Shiip: “By combining our warehousing expertise with MTN’s reach, we’re creating a seamless fulfilment experience that benefits both businesses and Nigerian consumers.”

About Shiip:

Shiip is Africa’s leading courier and warehousing network, empowering businesses of all sizes with seamless fulfillment solutions. With a focus on innovation, technology, and customer satisfaction, Shiip is committed to driving the growth of e-commerce across the continent.

About MTN:

MTN is the largest mobile network operator in Africa, offering voice, data, fintech, digital, enterprise, wholesale, and API services to over 290 million customers in 19 markets. MTN is committed to providing its customers with a world-class experience and driving digital inclusion across Africa.


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