In a dynamic convergence of minds at the recent Lagos Tech Fest, Platnova, a leading fintech brand, stood as a beacon of innovation, steering conversations on digitizing the future of Nigerian SMEs and the transformative power of seamless payments and e-commerce. As a distinguished sponsor of the event, Platnova took center stage with an impactful exhibition stand and a compelling session by CEO and co-founder, Benjamin Oyemolan.

Benjamin Oyemolan, Platnova’s visionary leader, captivated the audience with insights into Platnova’s offerings, its strategic positioning within the fintech industry, its approach to innovation, and its steadfast stance on key industry challenges. The session, a masterclass in itself, illuminated the path of Platnova’s journey, showcasing its commitment to pioneering solutions that shape the fintech landscape.

The tech fest, a bustling hub of investors, startups, tech enthusiasts, and key stakeholders, provided an ideal platform for Platnova to showcase its prowess. The exhibition stand became a magnet for both new customers and stakeholders, who flocked to explore Platnova’s innovative app and engage with the team. This vibrant interaction not only resulted in onboarding new users but also forged valuable connections that will propel Platnova into the future.


Benjamin Oyemolan’s impactful session, propelled the brand into the spotlight, solidifying its position as an emerging force in the Nigerian fintech space. The exposure garnered at Lagos Tech Fest serves as a testament to Platnova’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and its pivotal role in shaping the digital future of Nigerian fintechs.

As we step into the next decade, Platnova’s presence at the tech fest foretells a promising future, where the fintech company continues to be a driving force in reshaping the financial landscape of Nigeria. 

Platnova’s success at Lagos Tech Fest is not just a milestone; it’s a proclamation of their dedication to pioneering solutions that will resonate across the fintech industry, shaping the narrative of digital transformation in Nigeria.

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