[Lagos, Nigeria], [Wednesday 28th February, 2024]

In a strategic move to empower businesses with cutting-edge cloud technology, CloudPlexo announces its comprehensive Cloud Migration Program to AWS in 2024. The initiative aims to streamline the migration process through Free Infrastructure Assessment and Business TCO Document, enhance workforce capabilities through AWS Immersion Day Workshops, and offer exclusive benefits like Up to 80% Project Fee Subsidy for first-time Enterprise and SMB cloud adopters.

AWS Immersion Day Workshops: Upskilling for Success

Recognizing the critical role of skill development in successful cloud migration, CloudPlexo is excited to introduce AWS Immersion Day Workshops. These workshops are designed to upskill your staff and empower them with the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate AWS seamlessly. The hands-on sessions will cover key aspects of AWS, providing participants with practical insights into cloud architecture, security best practices, and optimization strategies.

Free Infrastructure Assessment and Business TCO Document

As part of our commitment to delivering value beyond expectations, CloudPlexo, in collaboration with AWS, is offering a complimentary Infrastructure Assessment and Business Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Document for businesses embarking on the cloud migration journey. This comprehensive assessment will provide insights into your current infrastructure, identifying opportunities for optimization and cost savings. The accompanying TCO document will outline the expected financial impact of the migration, helping businesses make informed decisions aligned with their strategic goals.

Up to 80% Project Fee Subsidised for First-Time Cloud Adopters

Understanding the financial considerations associated with cloud adoption, CloudPlexo is proud to extend a groundbreaking offer to first-time cloud adopters. Businesses venturing into the cloud for the first time can benefit from a subsidy of up to 80% on project fees, significantly reducing the financial barriers to entry. This initiative is aimed at encouraging businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of AWS for enhanced scalability, agility, and innovation.

AWS Lagos Local Zone for Full Data Residency

In response to the growing importance of data residency and sovereignty, CloudPlexo is delighted to announce the availability of the AWS Lagos Local Zone. This local zone ensures that businesses operating in the region can benefit from full data residency, meeting regulatory requirements and instilling confidence in customers regarding data privacy and security. With the AWS Lagos Local Zone, businesses can harness the advantages of cloud computing while ensuring compliance with local regulations.

“As businesses embrace the digital era, cloud migration becomes a strategic imperative for sustained growth and competitiveness. At CloudPlexo, we are dedicated to simplifying and optimising this journey for our clients,” said David Ekefre, Director of Business at CloudPlexo. “Our collaboration with AWS, coupled with the exclusive benefits we are offering, reaffirms our commitment to empowering businesses to thrive in the cloud era.”

CloudPlexo invites businesses of all sizes and industries to explore the possibilities of cloud migration with AWS in 2024. For more information about the exclusive benefits and how CloudPlexo can support your organisation’s cloud journey, please visit www.cloudplexo.com  or contact CloudPlexo via mail at contact@cloudplexo.com and via mobile at (+234) 0701-7540-595

About CloudPlexo

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