What if you can ship now and pay later to any part of the world?

Africa’s trusted e-logistics company, ShipAfrica has unveiled a pioneering solution aimed at easing the financial strain on shippers and business owners with a new feature, “Ship Now Pay Later(SNPL)”. This offer is focused on credit financing, which is tailored to meet the specific needs of business owners engaged in international commerce.

The rising cost of international shipping combined with currency fluctuations like Naira instability is a major hurdle for African businesses looking to expand globally. That’s why, ShipAfrica’s innovative approach to address this issue by providing a flexible financing option that enables shippers to manage their funds more effectively while continuing to fulfill their logistical requirements is very important. 

Interviewing Valentine Buchi, the CEO of ShipAfrica on economical challenges affecting shipping and logistics, he said. “At ShipAfrica, we recognize the challenges faced by businesses everyday and we are set to be Africa’s number one logistics solution provider in every sense of the way.  With the “Ship Now Pay Later(SNPL)” feature and our other affordable shipping solutions, we aim to empower our clients with greater financial flexibility, which will help them to seize growth opportunities without being hindered by upfront payment limitations”.

“After processing shipments worth over 2 billion Naira in value and transactions in the last 12 Months, ShipAfrica aims to serve more customers and that includes providing fit-for-purpose solutions that meet their needs. Businesses need affordable shipping options to thrive. And that’s what we do. Now, on our website, shipafrica.io ,you can book a shipment to over 195 countries of your choice, using any preferred shipping method of your choice, use the Ship Now Pay Later(SNPL) if you need it, and track your delivery with ease.”  The Founder and Chairman of ShipAfrica, Walter Isoko said. 

ShipAfrica is committed to innovation and customer-centric solutions, and will continue to spearhead positive change within the industry, empowering shippers and entrepreneurs to face the challenges of international trade with confidence and resilience.

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