The battlefield has changed. Security threats across Africa are evolving at machine speed. How we solve the critical security crisis needs to change too. One company, Terrahaptix, understands this exceptionally well.

Terrahaptix, a Nigerian defense startup, announced Archer, an autonomous drone with multi-mission capabilities including aerial intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, counter intrusion, and signals intelligence. 

Founded just 6 months ago, Terrahaptix designs and manufactures autonomous systems for core industries. The company has made a lot of strides since launching including the acquisition of a 15,000 sq-ft UAV factory in Abuja and the development of Artemis, an AI command and control software that powers autonomy in its family of systems. 

The Archer is a modular, multi-domain UAV that is controlled entirely on the Artemis AI software and requires minimal operator training. It provides real-time intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities that give the operators enough information to make the right decisions. The all-electric powertrain provides up to 3 hours flight time with multispectral sensors such as 4k daytime, infrared, thermal, and LiDar. 

One major feature of the Archer is Intelligent Teaming. Basically, one operator is able to command and control large teams of autonomous Archers from a single ground control station. Groups of Archers collaborate to achieve missions objectives that are impossible to achieve via a single unit. This swarming capability also enhances advanced data collection that would be impossible with a single airframe.

“Archer gives our customers a quiet, rugged, long-range system to complete complex operations in harsh environments”, says Nathan Nwachuku, Executive Chairman at Terrahaptix. “Archer represents a significant leap forward for aerial intelligence in Africa. We will continue to develop autonomous systems to solve the critical security crisis in Africa.” 

Terrahaptix has so far been quiet about details on sales numbers and fundraising, but the company teases that a few major contract announcements are on the horizon. The company says its next step is the official launch of its Abuja UAV factory, set to begin production in April/May.

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