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Big Cabal Media wants to help you get smarter as it’s already doing with TechCabal’s tech coverage and Zikoko’s youth culture coverage. Living in Nigeria has already taught you to be street-smart and industry-smart, but it’s time to get news-smart too. If you’ve binge-read Zikoko’s entertaining stories or grown in your understanding of the African tech ecosystem thanks to TechCabal, there’s a 99.99999% chance that The Big Daily newsletter is about to be your next fave. 

What’s The Big Daily Newsletter about?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by how much information you have to consume to stay in the know? Do you ever wonder how much of the news you consume daily actually matters to you and the people you care about? In a world inundated with news from thousands of sources, finding the news you care about can be a huge task. You don’t want to wade through thousands of stories each to find what’s important—or miss it entirely!

That’s where The Big Daily comes in. The Big Daily is not just another newsletter; it is your one true source of expertly curated news from around Nigeria, delivered to your inbox. 

At The Big Daily, we cut through the fluff to deliver sharp and concise insights to you every morning in the most interesting way, making sure you begin your day on a smart note. We go beyond the surface of the news, helping you understand the essence of each story: why it matters, its backstory, and painting a picture of how it affects you.

From breaking headlines to sharp explainers of the issues shaping Nigeria, The Big Daily covers a wide range of topics to satisfy your curiosity and broaden your horizon.

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