This landmark event is set to take place from 2-4 July, 2024, at the Balmoral Center, Federal Palace, Lagos, Nigeria. This initiative is poised to catalyze the adoption of smart technologies, thereby accelerating industrialization and fostering substantial economic progress across the nation. 

Nigeria’s rapid economic expansion and infrastructural evolution set the perfect stage for this event. The nation has consistently championed the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises through significant investments across technology, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors. 

The IoT West Africa Conference and Exhibition, a forward-thinking initiative supported by the Nigerian government, is designed to spotlight transformative technologies and innovations. It promises an explorative journey through the latest IoT developments and best practices. Emphasizing the integration of digital and physical realms, the event will propel participants towards digital-reliant operational models. 

Shitij Taneja, the Managing Director of Vertex Next, encapsulates the essence of this event: “As business environments evolve and new challenges emerge, the imperative for digital transformation and adoption of digitally reliant operating models has never been more crucial. IoT West Africa serves as a beacon for innovation, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and sparking advancements in Blockchain Technology, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and beyond.” 

The conference anticipates showcasing groundbreaking ideas and solutions through an array of keynote addresses, panels, technical demonstrations, and interactive sessions. Attendees are set to gain invaluable insights into the most recent IoT trends and the future of connectivity. 

Significantly, the event will also premiere Cloud Expo Africa, diving deep into the digital and cloud infrastructure landscape to address pivotal challenges and identify growth prospects for African data centers. Topics ranging from the advancement of data centers to green technology initiatives will take center stage. 

“This three-day conference is envisioned as the ultimate convergence point for industry visionaries, budding entrepreneurs, and startups. It aims to magnify opportunities, draw investments, and steer digital, economic, and technological advancements across the region,” noted a Vertex Next representative. 

IoT West Africa promises to unite stakeholders across the digital transformation spectrum to address contemporary challenges. Celebrating digitization’s capability to reimagine sectors and industries globally, the event is a testament to the dynamic potential of IoT and digital transformation. 

The conference offers a unique platform for industry giants, governmental figures, innovators, and entrepreneurs to engage in meaningful dialogues about the IoT ecosystem’s future. It’s an unparalleled opportunity for participants to position themselves as leaders, collaborators, and trendsetters in the burgeoning IoT landscape.

Key figures from the energy and power sectors are especially encouraged to participate, ensuring a rich exchange of cutting-edge technologies and best practices. A diverse lineup of speakers and exhibitors from these sectors will enrich the conference experience. 

For additional details about the IoT West Africa Conference, we invite you to visit the official event website at For media inquiries and to arrange interviews, please reach out to the Vertex Next press team via their contact page at 

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