Olatunji Fagbore serves as a Product Owner at Camlin, a renowned industry leader specializing in data-driven insights and innovative infrastructure products. 

Prior to relocating to the UK as a sought-after global talent, he honed his skills as a Software Engineer and Startup Consultant. His expertise covers a diverse range of industries including edtech, fintech, data analytics, supply chain, logistics, and ecommerce. Throughout his career, he aided numerous companies in achieving their commercial goals through innovative product development and strategic implementation, ultimately making a seamless transition into the role of Product Manager.

Now, let’s delve deeper into his remarkable journey towards international acclaim and recognition for his outstanding achievements.

Growing Up and Exposure to Technology:

Olatunji Fagbore’s upbringing unfolded across Lagos State and Abuja, Nigeria, where he completed his primary and secondary education. His academic journey culminated in a BSc in Computer Science from Covenant University in Ogun, Nigeria.

Olatunji’s entrepreneurial spirit ignited early in life as he navigated the streets of his hometown, devising innovative ways to generate income. He commenced by selling refurbished phones, enhanced with pre-installed music playlists, applications, and games, thus differentiating his offerings from competitors and augmenting their value.

This venture not only sustained him financially during his teenage years but also fueled his passion for technology. As he pursued his studies at the university, he delved into e-commerce, participating in both physical events sales and selling on online platforms like Konga and Tracelist. Through this hands-on experience, he gained profound insights into the workings of the e-commerce landscape, encountered its challenges firsthand, and brainstormed solutions to address them.

Konga Seller Submit Awards Event

Social Enterprise Contributions advancing the Digital Technology – NYSC, INEC and Social Enterprise Contributions

Olatunji was stationed in Abia State, Nigeria, for his one-year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). Renowned for his passion for technology and unwavering dedication, 

Olatunji was elected as the Project and Sensitization Lead, tasked with disseminating knowledge on medical topics across schools, markets, and the wider community. Collaborating with his team, he orchestrated various programs in schools, markets, and communities, ensuring the successful execution of their initiatives. He was also elected as a presidential candidate for the Medical and Health Services.

Additionally, Olatunji played a pivotal role as an active worker for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), contributing to the seamless voter registration process nationwide. He also co-led the research of a social initiative with the help of his colleagues to enable seamless learning in rural parts of the country.

Service to the Country at the INEC Office – Abia State, Nigeria

Social Enterprise Initiative Research  – Visit to a rural part of Ondo State – Igbobini, Nigeria.

Transition from Software Engineering to Product Management

Olatunji Fagbore embarked on his software engineering journey as an iOS software engineer at eTranzact International, specializing in developing applications for iPhones and iPads. His tenure at such a reputable firm provided him with invaluable exposure to industry best practices, compliance standards, and the intricacies of crafting global applications.

During this phase, he also honed his consulting skills by collaborating with startups, offering tailored expertise to assist them in product development as a Product Consultant. Recognizing his aptitude for product development, Olatunji made the strategic decision to transition into a full-time Product Manager. However, this transition came with its challenges, including skill gaps in areas such as writing, product frameworks, and industry terminologies. Nevertheless, through perseverance and determination, he successfully navigated these obstacles.

Working at Softcom Limited afforded him the freedom and opportunity to spearhead diverse, intricate projects, thereby enhancing his leadership abilities.

The diverse skill set acquired throughout his journey ultimately facilitated a seamless transition into product management. Embracing his new role, Olatunji assumed the position of Squad Lead, confidently overseeing 12+ cross-functional teams with proficiency and agility – Showing skills in product Management, Product ownership and Scrum Master.

Attending a Product Exhibition
Contributing to the Product Community

International Recognition and Award of Excellence – UK Global Talent

Being granted the UK Global Exceptional Talent Visa is a significant achievement for outstanding tech professionals, given the stringent criteria it entails. What’s particularly meaningful to me is the realization that consistent contributions of value over time eventually lead to substantial accomplishments.

Olatunji Fagbore’s plans and closing thoughts

In 2023, Olatunji Fagbore embarked on a new chapter of his career journey by joining Camlin, an infrastructure and intelligent insight company, where he currently focuses on building enterprise products.

Olatunji adheres to a simple yet powerful work philosophy: he engages only in endeavors that are challenging, meaningful,and profitable. Embracing new challenges brings with it a mix of uncertainty and unknowns, but he sees these as opportunities for learning and growth. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is essential for career advancement, a principle he ardently believes in.

He advocates for continuous self-improvement, emphasizing that regardless of one’s current position in life, there’s always room for growth. Life itself is dynamic, marked by inevitable highs and lows, so he advocates for remaining adaptable and resilient. Whether one is moving up, down, or fluctuating, the ultimate goal should always be to strive for progress and resilience.

Looking ahead, Olatunji envisions the possibility of founding his own company or serving as a board advisor for another enterprise. He already has three core product concepts in mind and a clear direction mapped out. While uncertainties in the market may loom, he remains undaunted, embracing the challenge and prepared to navigate whatever comes his way.

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