Looking for the next game-changing crypto debut? Over the years, crypto traders have banked on established coins like Fantom (FTM), Chainlink (LINK), and many others. However, the time has changed. The best part about the crypto world is it always has room at the top for fresh entrants. With innovation in high demand, new crypto projects present innovative ideas to solve real-life problems. Some focus on instant transactions; others highlight cross-border transactions. There is a new kid on the block, a new meme coin, presented by a cheeky monkey. MoonBag (MBAG) presale has made its debut and is all set to make a huge splash in and around the 2024 bull run. Are you ready to join the MoonBag bandwagon yet?

The good news is that the MoonBag coin promises all you need. Let’s find out how this new meme coin differs from the rest.

Fantom’s Stagnancy: Addressing Price Volatility and TVL Drops

While Fantom (FTM) promised exceptional growth and scalability to its investors, recently many are wondering if its current stagnancy predicts an early death. The crypto has seen plummeting price drops in short periods; for example, in January 2024, the value of Fantom dropped by 8.5% in just 24 hours at the time of writing. In the same month, there was an instance when the coin’s value dropped by double digits, approximately as high as 20%. The drops in Fantom’s TVL may be attributed to these sudden price drops.

Chainlink’s Security Dilemma: Safeguarding Against Complex Attack Vectors

As an Oracle network, Chainlink (LINK) faces a unique challenge that is not a problem with comparatively simpler blockchains – the problem of an increased attack surface. Chainlink’s complex blockchain in direct correspondence with external data sources may be the reason for this threat.

The network requires extra caution about security as it is in direct contact with external data sources and a series of node operators. To deal with this issue and regain investors’ trust in crypto, Chainlink requires more stringent measures to protect itself from security breaches.

MoonBag Presale: Launching an Astronomical Crypto Journey with 15,000% ROI and Staking Benefits

The MoonBag monkey pledges an astronomical journey of the galaxies that is set to increase your financial returns from crypto this year. In the opening stage of its highly-anticipated presale, MoonBag coins are priced at only $0.00005, and in exchange, the estimated ROI at the end of the launch is aimed at 9,900%. What’s more, if you hold on to your $MBAG coins while they get listed on exchanges, you are primed to make a mind-boggling 15,000% return on your investment. Calculate how much your $200 investment will become after the presale ends and $MBAG coins are listed on exchanges. Do the math!

For the first time, MoonBag presale investors can begin staking their tokens for various financial advantages, including an 88% APY, exclusive early access, and airdrops. Finally, to ensure that your transactions on this network are cost-effective, the cheeky monkey promises no taxation.

The MoonBag crypto, which will run on the Ethereum blockchain, is adapted to various currencies and can be handled using a very accessible and easy-to-understand wallet. As a meme coin, the journey will keep you entertained and engaged with internet trends, humour, and an interactive community.


In a nutshell, as older cryptos like Chainlink and Fantom struggle to maintain their viability in the market, it may be a good time to grab the bull by the horns and join it in its speedy journey to the finish line. With the promise of stellar returns, complete transparency, and other persuasive promises, the MoonBag coin  does not leave much room for lukewarm investor sentiment. Join the MoonBag presale now!

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