Port Harcourt, Nigeria — May 22, 2024

In a digital age where proficiency in data and AI skills is becoming increasingly crucial, Kedrus Academy, a leading provider of tech education and training, announces a strategic initiative to address Nigeria’s digital skills gap. With statistics revealing that 85% of Nigerian graduates lack digital skills, and projections indicating that 45% of jobs by 2030 will require digital proficiency, Kedrus Academy is poised to make a significant impact.

According to Word bank, over 50% of Nigeria’s population, accounting for over 100 million people, are not digitally literate. In response to these challenges, Kedrus Academy is set to train 20,000 professionals and young adults in data and AI skills and literacy by the year 2030.

Meet Stella Justin the co-founder of kedrus Academy

At the helm of this groundbreaking initiative is Stella Justin, a distinguished data analytics professional with a stellar track record. Stella’s journey from being a first-class graduate of Economics/Education at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, to becoming a Senior Data Specialist and team lead of the Data and AI department at Lotus Beta Analytics Nigeria Limited, highlights her expertise and leadership in the field.

Stella’s impressive array of certifications, including Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate, Microsoft Certified Data Engineer Associate, and Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate, among others, underscores her proficiency in the domain. Her vision and ability to drive transformative change position her as the ideal leader to spearhead Kedrus Academy’s mission.

Funding from the Tony Elumelu Foundation

Kedrus Academy’s goal receives a significant boost with funding from the prestigious Tony Elumelu Foundation. This partnership exemplifies the foundation’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and economic development in Africa, aligning perfectly with Kedrus Academy’s vision of empowering individuals through technology education.

Accreditation from Skill Development Council Canada

Furthermore, Kedrus Academy’s accreditation from Skill Development Council Canada (SDC) solidifies its commitment to international standards and excellence. SDC’s rigorous evaluation process ensures that Kedrus Academy’s curriculum aligns with global standards, further enhancing the quality and credibility of its programs.

Achieving the Goal

To achieve its set goal of training 20,000 individuals in data and AI, Kedrus Academy is implementing a multi-faceted approach. This includes offering free on-demand Data and AI literacy courses, conducting free social media live classes on data and AI, and providing paid professional courses on data and AI.

Kedrus Academy recognizes the financial barriers that can hinder access to quality education. To address this challenge, have secured a strategic partnership with Finquest Finance a Nigerian lending platform with a niche in education and capacity development. This patnership will help professionals, young Nigerians and low-income individuals across the country get zero-interest loans to offset their tuition and learn Tech skills in Data and AI.

“By adopting the “Learn now, pay later” model, Kedrus Academy and Finquest Finance aim to remove financial barriers in launching a sustainable careers in tech while also helping us achieve our goal of training 20,000 professionals and young adults by 2030‘ according to Stella Justin the Co-founder of Kedrus Academy.

Get Started Today

Individuals interested in embarking on a rewarding career in data and AI can visit Kedrus Academy’s website at kedrusacademy.com to enroll in their comprehensive programs. Whether through free introductory courses or advanced professional training, Kedrus Academy is committed to equipping individuals with the skills needed to thrive in the digital economy.

With Stella Justin’s leadership, support from the Tony Elumelu Foundation, and accreditation from Skill Development Council Canada, and partnership with Finquest Finanace Kedrus Academy is poised to transform the landscape of data and AI education in Nigeria and empower thousands of individuals to succeed in the digital age. Join Kedrus Academy today and embark on your journey to a rewarding career in data and AI.

Visit our website for more information – https://kedrusacademy.com/

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