Dtunes app is the best app to sell gift cards in Nigeria fast and at the best rate. The app is  available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. 

If you’re reading this article, you certainly have gift cards to sell or you are curious about them and are looking for the best ways to get the most value for them.

We can agree that one of the most difficult aspects of the gift card trade is getting a trusted buyer to credit you the equivalent worth of your card as fast as possible. Most times, that is not always the case. In this article, we will share with you a lasting solution to your gift card trade-related problems.

How to spot a gift card scammer 

Gift Card scams exist in different forms, from not getting the best rate for your cards to being told that your card has been used and can’t be redeemed; these are some of the few strategies implored by scammers to rip you off your card.

Aside from the known strategies, here are a few things to watch out for to spot a scammer:

  1. Unbelievable Rate: Most people who have been a victim of scams have something in common. They were enticed with ridiculously high rates which is too good to be true. When you see such a rate being promised by vendors, most times they are usually scammers because once you give them your card, they load it and tell you it has been used.
  2. No Website or Poorly Designed Site: One way to quickly spot a gift card scammer is through their “website”. Their sites are usually poorly designed with links and CTAs everywhere set to trigger you to sell now!
  3. No Face to their Brand: A reputable business wants their customers to know who they are. Scammers hide behind AI-generated images, graphics and stolen designs. Before you trade with any vendor, always check their socials to make sure they are legit and have proper business branding reflected across their socials.
  4. No Customer Support: Sometimes things may not go as planned and easy access to support lines, emails or chat is paramount when trading gift cards. Before you trade your cards, always make sure to check for previous reviews and activities of the vendor on social media. If they are reluctant to give you their phone number or support email or they have their receipt button off on WhatsApp, there is a possibility that they are there to scam you.
  5. They Don’t Respond To Questions: Scammers have a goal and won’t waste time answering questions that won’t lead to quick trade. Before you trade your cards, ask relevant questions like the current rate, cards with the best rate, their telegram or whatsApp community etc. Scammers will usually give you vague responses and pester you to quickly send in your cards for trade.

Dtunes App: The Best App to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria.

Dtunes is the best app to sell gift cards in Nigeria. Dtunes offers its customers fast transactions, 24/7 customer support, the best rate, and a secure platform to perform trades seamlessly.

Unlike scammers, Dtunes has an active community of traders on Telegram, an active social media account that puts up posts daily and faces behind the brand which you can see all over their social media account.

How To Sell Gift Cards On Dtunes 

Selling gift cards on the Dtunes app is simple and straightforward. You only need to perform  three steps which are to create an account, initiate a trade, and withdraw funds.

Create An Account: First, you will need to head to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the Dtunes App. Then proceed to create an account with your active email address and a strong password that you can easily remember.

Once you log in, add your bank details and a secure PIN for confirming transactions.

Initiate A Trade: To start selling your cards, click on the “Trade Giftcard” box on the home  screen of the app. On the next screen, you can proceed to trade, check gift cards with the  hottest rate or check the top gift card traders on the app. More details on that later.

Proceed to click on “Sell Gift Cards”, then select the type of card you want to sell, fill in the  necessary details and select the right category for your card. Once you do that, you’ll see the  rate for your card and you can then proceed to confirm your trade. 

Withdraw Funds: Your transaction will be received, and processed while your fund will be sent  to your Dtunes wallet once your trade is successful. All these will take place in only a few  minutes. Once you have your funds, you can decide to withdraw to your naira bank account or  use the funds to pay bills on the app. 

Why Dtunes is the Best 

One of the factors that make Dtunes the best app to sell gift cards in Nigeria is that you are  guaranteed fast transactions on the app coupled with the best rate in the market, cash-back  bonuses, and access to 24/7 customer support. 

Beyond selling gift cards to naira on the app, you can also sell cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin,  tether USDT, Litecoin, and Binance coin on the app.  

Not only that, you can also use both gift cards and crypto to buy data, buy airtime, pay for  electricity tariffs, and renew cable subscriptions like DSTV on the app.

Win N50,000 Plus On Dtunes App Monthly 

Dtunes is generously known to give its loyal traders cash-back and bonuses regularly. For every  $200 gift card you trade, you will get a N1000 cash-back bonus. Meaning if you trade $15,000  worth of any gift card, you will get an extra N75,000 in cash-back bonus. 

You can also stand a chance to win N50,000 every month if you top Dtunes trader’s  leaderboard. The only way to top the leaderboard is to trade as often as you can. The more you  trade, the more you win. 

How To Contact Dtunes Customer Support 

To get in touch with Dtunes customer support, you can send an email to support@dtunes.ng or call +234 811 3372 579.

You can also reach out via any of their social media handles or join Dtunes Telegram Community to receive swift responses. To learn more about Dtunes, visit Dtunes.ng

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