On Thursday, May 16, 2024, Softlink.ai unveiled its latest update, Softlink Version 3, at an exclusive event at the University of Gloucestershire. This new release features a powerful AI website builder, setting a new standard in digital marketing and innovation.

It was a clear morning in the warm and calm city of Gloucester, right on the campus of the University of Gloucestershire. As a gentle breeze passed through, students made their way to the Student Union building with great expectations and one question in their hearts: What else can AI do?

By 11 AM, Daniel Folley, the founder of Softlink.ai, stood by the door to welcome Mrs. Kathy Williams, the Mayor of Gloucester. She performed a ribbon-cutting ceremony in front of two massive 65-inch screens, each connected to a computer, officially launching the Softlink.ai AI website builder to a live audience and the entire world.

While declaring the event open, Mayor Williams remarked, “AI is exciting but scary for my generation. But I’m sure that for businesses and people trying to move forward and do something good, this has got to be a good idea.”

Since its inception in 2020, Softlink.ai has become the go-to platform for entrepreneurs seeking to build landing pages, sales funnels, online shops, and membership portals. With integrated payment systems and email marketing tools, it has enabled users to accept global payments and maintain consistent engagement with their customers. Today, Softlink.ai proudly serves over 300,000 users across Africa, Europe, and the United States.

The release of the AI website builder is seen as the next step for Softlink.ai in fulfilling its commitment to empower individuals and businesses to thrive in the digital age. This new feature simplifies website content creation, making it faster, cheaper, and easier for anyone to build professional websites in just a few minutes.

In his speech at the launch, Softlink.ai’s founder, Daniel Folley, said, “When a new technology comes, sometimes people’s lives change. AI is powerful. It is going to change how work is being done. What I am about to share with you shows how we can help people transition to AI and seize opportunities through AI.”

Folley emphasised that adapting to changes in technology and customers’ evolving needs is crucial to staying ahead. He noted that leveraging the power of AI brings more effective and efficient results than ever before.

Coaches, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts at the event experienced the new AI website builder firsthand. They were able to create their own websites using simple prompts, demonstrating the tool’s user-friendly and efficient design.

With this new feature, Softlink.ai has put the control of digital marketing back in the hands of digital content creators and business owners. Building a sales funnel and converting leads to long-term paying customers is now as easy as visiting softlink.ai or emailing hello@softlink.ai.

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