Zap Africa, a pioneering Nigerian software development company, is marking its first anniversary in grand style. The ambitious startup, dedicated to building secure, accessible, and transparent crypto tools to drive financial inclusion, has successfully raised $300,000 in pre-seed funding.

This significant milestone was spearheaded by Benjamin Oyemonlan, CEO of Platnova, a prominent fintech company providing cutting-edge payment solutions globally. Platnova’s mission to empower individuals and businesses worldwide through seamless financial transactions aligns perfectly with Zap Africa’s vision.

“We are thrilled to support Zap Africa’s groundbreaking work in democratising access to financial services,” stated Benjamin. “Their innovative crypto solutions have the potential to uplift millions, fostering prosperity through global access and financial inclusivity.”

Founded in 2023, Zap Africa has rapidly gained recognition for its cutting-edge blockchain-based applications tailored to Nigeria’s unique economic landscape. Their user-friendly platform ‘Zap Exchange’ enables seamless non-custodial crypto trading which addresses the long standing barriers to financial inclusion.

The pre-seed funding round will accelerate Zap Africa’s product development and expansion plans, solidifying their position as a catalyst for positive change in the Nigerian fintech ecosystem.

“This investment is a testament to our unwavering commitment to empowering Nigerians,” said Tobi Asu-Johnson, Zap Africa’s CEO. “With this support, we’ll continue pushing boundaries, transforming finance, and unlocking new economic opportunities for all.”To learn more about Zap Africa visit

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