Motobills, the latest innovation in bill payment platforms curved from the stables of Sujimoto, the leading real estate and construction company in Africa, is gearing up for its official launch. Motobills absorbs the ‘DIE philosophy’ (Diligence, Innovation and Excellence) to redefine the landscape of financial transactions in Nigeria. 

It’s competence is structured to compare with global brands such as Alipay, PayPal ,Venmo, seeking beyond social payments between friends and family , but reaches a broader range of bill payments and services, including utilities, school fees, travel bookings and more, specifically designed for the Nigerian context. Positioned to compete with industry leaders such as QuickTeller and Remita 

As Nigerians experience recurring issues with high electricity bills, fluctuation of flight rates, fast rise in airtime and data rates and with the Nigerian bill payment industry projected to exceed ₦1 trillion annually, Motobills is strategically designed to be both cost-effective and people-centric. Sujimoto provides a future-forward solution with Motobills to mitigate these issues and reconcile with the most affordable and efficient offers. 

The new bill payment solution enters the market with a mission to deliver exceptional value across a wide range of services such as; 

– Cheapest Rates on Airtime and Data: Users can expect the lowest rates for airtime and data purchases, ensuring they stay connected without breaking the bank. Also, every transaction on Motobills is accompanied by instant cashback, allowing users to save more with each payment. 

– Exclusive Deals on Flights & Hotels: In addition to everyday bill payments, Motobills offers unbeatable deals on flight and hotel bookings. Users can secure the best rates and enjoy significant discounts, making travel more accessible and affordable. The platform’s reward points system further enhances the experience, with users earning points on every flight booking that can be redeemed for future savings. 

– Comprehensive and Efficient Service: Motobills is designed to be a one-stop solution for all payment needs. From utility bills and school fees to movie tickets and betting payments, the platform handles it all with speed and reliability. The user-friendly interface ensures that even those with minimal technical knowledge can navigate and complete transactions effortlessly. The

customer satisfaction rate is targeted at 99% to individually address every customer’s needs and ensure it’s met. 

The vision is clear: by being cost-effective and user-focused, Motobills ensures that soon enough, prominent individuals across Nigeria will opt for the app, driven by its growing popularity and undeniable benefits. 

Motobills invites all Nigerians to experience the future of bill payments. Stay tuned for the official launch date and join our wait list to begin enjoying freebies and cash prizes ahead of launch. 

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Motobills – Simplifying Payments, Maximizing Savings

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