Bolt, a ride-hailing platform that has been accused of holding its drive partners to poor standards, has blocked over 6,000 drivers in South Africa over the last six months for misconduct.

“The company will continue to permanently block drivers and riders who have been reported for misconduct from accessing the platform,” Bolt said in a statement to TechCabal.

Gig drivers in South Africa have faced allegations of misconduct, harassment and sexual assault. Threats of litigation and public backlash have forced ride-hailing platforms to act.

In March, a former Bolt driver Emmanuel Mudau was convicted and sentenced to two life sentences and two 15-year terms for rape, kidnap and, assault. Last month, another driver was arrested and charged for allegedly stabbing two young women during a feud over their drop-off location in Cape Town.

Following the Mudau case, Godrich Gardee Attorneys stated that it would launch a civil claim against Bolt for failing to protect passengers. The Cape Town case has led to extensive social media outrage about the safety of women passengers on ride-hailing platforms. 

Bolt has been on a rapid expansion drive in the southern Africa region. After initially launching in South Africa in 2016, the company has launched in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Namibia over the last eight months, bringing its total African footprint to 14 markets.

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