From the 11th to the 18th of May, Bitnob, a leading financial technology platform in Africa, teamed up with Tether Operations Limited, a prominent entity in the digital asset industry, to embark on a financial education tour across universities in Ghana.

This tour aimed to empower students with crucial financial knowledge and practical skills in digital finance, attracting a combined attendance of over 2800 students from the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) in Ho, the University of Ghana (UG) in Accra, and the University of Cape Coast (UCC) in Cape Coast.

Featuring a variety of engaging activities and educational sessions designed to enhance financial literacy among the students, Key topics included the evolution of money, the impact of Bitcoin on modern finance, and practical advice on entrepreneurship and career planning. The sessions were led by prominent speakers from Bitnob and Tether, with Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether, delivering a virtual address at each university. Ardoino highlighted the journey and mission of Tether, emphasizing the practical applications of USDt, a widely used stablecoin.

Students were given hands-on demonstrations of the Bitnob app, showcasing how to save Bitcoin (BTC) and make global payments using USDt. This practical approach allowed students to grasp the real-world applications of digital currencies. Special guest speakers provided insights into Bitcoin use cases, investment strategies, and the importance of early saving, offering students valuable guidance on navigating the digital currency landscape.

“The incredible turnout at the campus tour in Ghana is a testament to the growing interest in financial empowerment through Bitcoin and USDT. Partnering with Tether to bring these educational events to Ghanaian students aligns perfectly with Bitnob’s mission of making finance more accessible and inclusive. We’re excited to see this momentum continue and empower the next generation to participate in the global digital economy.” said Damilola Robert– Growth and Marketing Lead at Bitnob”

Beyond the educational sessions, the tour also included interactive and entertaining elements. Each event featured games, fun competitions, and delicious meals, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere. This blend of education and entertainment ensured the learning experience was enjoyable and memorable for the students.

The financial education campus tour by Bitnob and Tether Operations Limited was a monumental success, significantly impacting thousands of students across Ghana. By providing a platform for students to engage with industry experts and gain practical financial knowledge, Bitnob and Tether have taken a significant step towards fostering financial literacy among the youth.

About Bitnob

Bitnob is a leading financial technology platform in Africa, committed to enhancing global economic access for Africans. It offers a comprehensive suite of services, including seamless payment solutions, efficient remittance services, secure bitcoin transactions, and versatile virtual card solutions to shop and make unlimited payment online. Through these innovative offerings, Bitnob empowers individuals and businesses across the continent to participate fully in the global economy. Download Bitnob to enjoy all these and more today.

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