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In a highly competitive market where all of the contenders are constantly upping their games and spoiling consumers with numerous choices, every brands success is tied to their ability to not only deliver quality products but also create a strong connection with their target audience. It’s no wonder why Infinix mobility has been able to […]

Has it taken a pandemic for you to realise how hard it is to run a business online? Are you even fully online yet? Are you scrambling to track online payments? Have you told that customer on Instagram that their delivery might be delayed? Oh, and how’s your inventory looking? Don’t worry. We get it.  […]

The CEO of Zido Logistics, Samuel Ajiboyede has said that with the right operational model, logistics business will remain profitable despite the global lockdown occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic.Speaking on the prospects and challenges for the logistics sector during the pandemic, Ajiboyede noted that logistic companies must understand new realities and adapt to changes to […]

Banking in confidence, as well as inconvenience, is what every financial institution strives to give to its customers. They want their customers to know that the word ‘bank’ is beyond a physical structure, and with the right innovation, what they can do is limitless. The ultimate goal here is to bring banking to the fingertips […]

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