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21 JAN, 2020 Good morning☀️ We know that sometimes our emails don’t land in your inbox. Here’s how you can resolve this issue. If you can’t find an edition of TC Daily, check your spam folder or promotions tab and mark this address as ‘not spam’ or move the email to primary/inbox. . In today’s […]

19 JAN, 2020 Good morning☀️ Would you like to relive 2020? I think I did when I spent 10 mins playing the 2020 game yesterday. It was fun but I wish there was an Africa-focused version. In today’s edition: SportPesa has some tax issues Much ado about privacy YouTube grant for black creators Kenya Revenue […]

TC Daily
15th January 2021

15 JAN, 2020 IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Good morning☀️ “I’m so surprised TechCabal’s newsletters are free…so much value” – This week on feedback we love! In today’s edition, our guest writer, Oluwatosin Olaseinde, Co-Founder & CEO of Money Africa, shares her thoughts on decentralised systems. Decentralised systems Wikipedia is 20! Are there more use-cases for decentralised […]

TC Daily
14th January 2021

14 JAN, 2020 IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Good morning☀️ It’s election day in Uganda. Following a social media ban, the race is on between Robert Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) and President Yoweri Museveni, who has ruled the country since 1986 when Bobi Wine was 4 years old. In today’s edition: Election Day in Uganda Africa’s most valuable […]

12 JAN, 2020 Good morning☀️ What goes up must come down. That’s the story of Bitcoin as its value plunged from over $40,000 to $32,000 yesterday. Is this a temporary decline or the market correcting itself? In today’s edition: Facebook and Uganda’s Elections Fake COVID-19 certificates Funding Nigerian at Stackoverflow Facebook takes down Accounts of […]

8 JAN, 2020 Good morning☀️ It’s another Friday where we break away from our traditional format to let a guest writer take over TC Daily. In today’s edition we have two guest writers: Derin Adebayo and Osarumen Osamuyi. Derin Adebayo is an Associate at Endeavor. Through his newsletter, Unevenly Distributed, he explores the diffusion of […]

7 JAN, 2020 IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Good morning☀️ An earlier version of our report on the AfCFTA incorrectly stated that the launch of the free trade pact was postponed indefinitely. The AfCFTA did launch on January 1st, but the take-off of free trade across the continent has suffered a setback due to the unpreparedness of […]

The SEC said that Chaka was operating outside of its regulatory authority and without the needed registration. The SEC’s action raises a lot of questions and this week, Alex set out to find the answers to those questions.

5 JAN, 2020 IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Good morning☀️ A week ago, I asked for what else is growing at an astonishing rate but isn’t getting as much attention as Bitcoin? I think I’ve found an answer: Ethereum. It’s getting all the love right now, as it’s increased by more than 600% in value in the […]

1 JAN, 2021 IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Good morning.️ It’s day one of the new year, finally you can look back at the year 2020 with 20 20 vision. It’s also another Friday where we have a guest writer for TC Daily. Today’s newsletter is written by Andrew Alli, he is the CEO of SouthBridge Group […]

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31st December 2020

31 DEC, 2020 IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Good morning.️ Today is the last day in 2020. How do you feel? Exhausted? Indifferent? Elated? Looking back at when we started this year, all of us at TechCabal set out to spur intelligent conversations about innovation, technology, and startups in Africa. And despite all that happened, we believe […]

28 DEC, 2020 IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Good morning.️ With Bitcoin continually breaking it’s all-time high record, I can’t help but wonder what else is growing at an astonishing rate but isn’t getting much attention? In today’s edition: Bitcoin M-Pesa Biggest stories of 2020 WHAT’S YOUR BITCOIN STORY? Every time Bitcoin crosses some price threshold, there […]

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