Building From Ground Up with Kay Akinwunmi, CEO of Zazuu

25th March, 2022

Join us on Friday, March 25 for the ninth episode of Building From Ground Up Season 2 where we speak with Kay Akinwunmi, co-founder and CEO of Zazuu, a cross-border payment marketplace.

Kay is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for serving Africa and the human race. He created Zazuu to make the experience of sending money back home cheaper and easier. It started as a bot showing parallel market rates to help people negotiate better deals with foreign exchange agents. Today, the startup is a money transfer comparison engine helping people access the best rates on remittances to Africa.

Prior to Zazuu, he founded a digital marketing agency and a foodtech startup in the UK. Between 2016 and 2020, Kay helped some of the best startups in the world to build world-class products and user experience.

On March 25th, he’ll be telling us how the journey started and how it’s progressing today, his biggest challenges and lessons so far, what Zazuu’s long term vision is, and how he envisions the future of fintech in Africa.