How can African creators make more money?

24th June, 2022

On Friday, June 24, join us for a TC Live session as kelechi Njoku, Senior Editor, TechCabal will be speaking with Africa experienced creative.

The African creator economy is growing and gaining popularity each day. The creator economy hasn’t always been seen to be sustainable, making employment difficult for creators. Today, the global creator economy is worth over $100 billion and Africans are shut out of most of it. African creators—independent writers, artists, social media influencers, videographers, gamers, and podcasters—struggle to earn a living from their content because of payment problems and the low earning power of their audience.

During this TechCabal Live session, we’ll be discussing all the factors limiting Africans from monetizing their creativity on the continent, the potential for Africans to become more immersed in the global creator economy, and what it will take to develop our local creator ecosystem. We would also look at the opportunities that lie for stakeholders in the space and creators themselves.