How increasing women participation can grow e-commerce in Africa

28th January, 2022

On Friday, January 28, TechCabal will host experts in African e-commerce to talk about why the industry needs more women and how to effectively drive their participation.

Our speakers are –
– Juliet Anammah, Chairwoman, Jumia Nigeria, and Group Chief Sustainability Officer
– Alexa Roscoe, Disruptive Technology Lead (Gender and Economic Inclusion Group) IFC
– Anne Kabugi, Regional Gender Lead – Africa, Gender and Economic Inclusion Group, IFC
– Bukola Ogundijo, Founder Purple Linings Ventures (female entrepreneur, seller on Jumia platform)
– Mercy Wanjau, Director legal & Board Secretary, communications Authority of Kenya (keynote speech)

The event will be moderated by Koromone Koroye, Managing Editor, TechCabal, as they explore in-depth why addressing the participation of women, is so crucial not just to the growth of the e-commerce industry but the digital economy as a whole, and look holistically at the role of e-commerce platforms, what they’ve done so far and the work that remains. We will also discuss the challenges with closing this gap and effective solutions that could help stakeholders navigate them.

This event is open to e-commerce startups, small business owners, policymakers, tech enthusiasts, and everyone. This will enable us to draw clearer plans in achieving further growth in the e-commerce industry.