Virtual Event

KYC as a catalyst for DeFi and Web3 adoption in Africa

2nd December, 2022

DeFi has grown to become one of the strongest pillars of Web3, with crypto and blockchain companies rapidly exploring ways to maximize its benefits and expand their offerings.

The technology in this space is revolutionary, but there are still significant challenges faced in the ecosystem that can compromise the safety of people’s money. To ensure the continued growth of the Web3 ecosystem, the industry has to address the current lack of security for users and businesses. To achieve this, it is important to leverage KYC.

Join us on the 2nd of December, for another edition of Inside Identity where we will look at the role of KYC in strengthening the Web3 and DeFi ecosystem. We will also discuss the current realities of companies introducing KYC into Web3 and DeFi, possible solutions to current challenges faced in this regard, and the other possibilities that KYC offers for the ecosystem.

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